Monday, November 23, 2009


It is with a heavy heart we sit down and type tonight. Today was our last full day in God's land. We got up and out after the usual yogurt and fruit breakfast. We drove and found a house that another family in the Truth are thinking of renting and then found our way back to Mamilla to park.

We walked up Yafo (Jaffa) street to the main post office to post a book to Avi and get stamps for the plethora of postcards we need to send before we leave. We picked up the postcards a week ago with the plan being that we'd mail them early so that the recipents would get them while we are still gone...yep that never happened, but plan B is to get them into the cute little (very British looking) mailbox in the Old Quarter tomorrow.

Then we walked back through the mall and through to the Yafo gate. We walked through slowly taking our time as we had all day. Such a nice relaxing feeling. As walking down the narrow lil street (which is stressful as it is one narrow lane for traffic and NO sidewalk and we have a double side by side stroller!) anyways we noticed a bunch of Jews coming out of this archway and had noticed before and finally asked someone and lo and behold it is a way into the Quarter without having to go through the bulk of the "dangerous for a double stoller and children" way.

We did get a bit turned around but since we knew we were in a safe area (and very clean!) we felt fine and it was a good and fun adventure for all of us. Saw some beautiful window boxes and clay pots all over their balconies (this is the mainly residential area of the Jewish Quarter) they make great use of any growing area. There was one spactaqular Bougenvillea (pink) growing down from a 3rd floor blalcony. We found our way through and wished we'd known about this short cut earlier as it saved us a lot of stress.

We headed to the Hurva square and bumped into Avi right after mailing his book ~ Oy! It was a really nice surprise to see him again before we left. We settled into our cafe and ordered a salad for me for lunch as my gluten free tummy is fed up of all the bread I've had, even with limiting myself to bread at lunch only, and the odd pastry. Such a beautiful greek salad, it was beautiful and tasted to yummy! they grated the feta it was much tastier that way. D got a cappuchino but since I'd had the shakes earlier I decided to forgo the usual caffeine shot.

We then popped over to the Ariel Institute of the First Temple but it was full of a class trip. The kids played on a playground right beside the Broad Wall...another only in Israel moment! Poor Princess got a bit hurt so we went to find Daddy who had been shopping. We then wandered down to the Temple Institute and went in to see the actual models, well they aren't models but they've actually tried to make the instruments of the Temple, the musical instruments and the Menorah and the Table of Shewbread, and the priestly garments and so many other smaller items. They have done this to prepare for Moshicah (Messiah) to come and set up the Thrid Temple. You've got to admit that is very cool and amazing mindset!

We left with 4 bags!

Yeah I know...

Puzzles and a game for the kids (to teach the different offerings and Feasts according to the Law of Moses) and a print for the wall and a couple mini things.

Gift shopping for the Goons is offically done!

Then we walked back and popped back into Esther Wiess' shop to get headcoverings for the other 6 sisters we needed hard to do as they are completely different colours as last time (of course) and hard to decide for someone else!

Then we walked back via the shortcut and down to the mall for a loo stop (very clean there!) and 2 cappuchinos for the parents. The plan being to drink them while the GOons played at the YMCA playground, well that didn't happen as we had to wander around for a bank machine to get INS to pay for parking. So by the time we got home to the apartment they were drunk!

We unloaded the car and sat and rested for about 30 min and then headed out to the playground (we like the YMCA one as it has a gate so Monkey cannot escape). After about an hour we headed home to make dinner. Lamb kebab sausages, potatoe & cheese pastries for everyone else, peas and rice for me. While that was cooking we did the readings with the Goons.

Monkey is in bed now and we got Magoo and Princess to do their postcards and D is atempting to attack the stuff we have to pack. The problem is that we thought we could take 70 lbs so had to use our extra bag on the way here......oh dear me!~ We got a box and some tape from the Temple Institute but it's still going to be tricky.

The 2 Goons are still up because we need to switch them back.

Li La Rev and Shalom for a final time from Yerushaliyim.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

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