Friday, November 20, 2009


Sorry for the delay in updating. Bloger keeps crashing on me so that we type up an update and then it disappears.

And no I didn't drive in Jerusalemn after all. Lost my walet so had to walk.

Wednesday was a really nice day. We headed off to En-Gedi and since it had rained in the dessert the night before it was really neat. The steps and pathway had placed where you were walking through the clear, cool water. We saw a few conies (Psa 104) and even a mama and baby together. We also saw a group of about 30 (at least!) ibex crossing high up on the cliff edge. Unfortunately Monkey and I were up ahead so D only got the tail end on video and missed the huge Daddy one with massive horns. The Goons simply loved En-Gedi, hiding in caves, and trying to figure out which ones David would have used.

Since it was hot we treated ourselves to some ice cream before heading across the road to swim in the Dead Sea. This time everyone got in, though Princess got some in her eyes and came out after a few minutes. Even Monkey went in! Magoo LOVED floating and didn't find it scary at all. He was having the time of his life. D & him must have been in the Dead sea for half an hour. Mummy went in as well, and then we found salt crystals on the rocky beach and some neat red, orange and green rocks.

We headed home for dinner and found we were locked out! we've only been using the code and not the key and the landlady had been in to check something and had used the key. So we blasted the heat in the car and dried Monkey's pants (she got soaked at En-Gedi) and got ready to leave for dinner at the YMCA (famous building a block away) when someone arrived to let us in. We treated ourselves to dinner out anyways. A cheese platter very different from in Canada! Pasta for the Monkeys, fresh bread and such creamy butter. D had some grilled chicken wrap thing that was good and I had some Arabic "pizza"s lets just say I was not impressed.

So that was Wednesday.

Thursday we went to Budget and they were going to look in the other rental car for my walet (slightly freaking out, but D got me calmed down and put a hold on our cards and all that) We headed off by 8:30 travelling south to Timna.....of course there was a protest on the road so it took a bit longer then 3 hours. Timna was amazing. Copper mines which Solomon used (laver in the Temple) paddle boat ridding in a artificial lake, exact model of the Tabernacle and collecting sand in bottles (black, red, bright yellow and white are all found there) then plugging the bottels with clay found there as well.

Then we headed as far South as you can go to Eliat. We missed the underwater observatory as we arrived at 4 (because of the protest) and choose to swim as we only had an hour of daylight left. We had purple and orange fish swimming around us, pointed out Jordan, Egypt & Saudi Arabi to the kids and had a lesson on the crossing of the Red Sea.

Had dinner at the food court at the mall there and Lattes in the car for the driver. We drove down by the dead sea and had to drive back through the mountains so as not to go into the Biblical Heartland at night. Switchback after switchback and feeling like you were going to fall off of the mountian! Freaky drive home for the first part. Oh and Monkey SCREAMED for a good hour of it.

Now we are up, slept in a bit as we got woken at 4 am with either gun fire or distant tank fire (they were setting up in the Negev for a night training session as we were driving through) but there is nothing on the news yet as what that was all about!

God Bless

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