Monday, December 20, 2010

Well, this post nearly did not happen....

When blogger crashes 4 times while trying to load your page you'd think I'd give up but never!

Well actually sometimes I do

Fairly often

but....nevermind all that

So this evening was wonderful! This morning the Monkeys and I were out for 4 hours (packed jam sandwiches & veggie sticks came VERY handy for lunch in the car) and only got to 3 shops. Oy! People are crazy!

Tonight on the other hand was such fun. As we did last year, we took the kids to Dollarama to pick out gifts for each other and the parents. So Daddy took Magoo to buy for the girls and I and I took the girls to buy for Magoo & Daddy....

Watching them pick out their gifts are so cute! It is really amazing what you can get at the dollar store! I think Magoo got a peek of his gift but it will all be good in a couple days.

Then, as tradition dictates, we went out to Tim Hortans for hot choco and donuts. This year's flavour was "double chocolate candy cane" and they were delish! Mummy was good and didn't have a donut, just a teeny tinny taste of Monkey's one.

Then we headed to the "nasty grey box" store for cream and ended up spending $50. That is part of the reason I hate that store. But it was all stuff we needed....except for the 6 suet balls for the birds when all we needed was one....but it was a six get the idea I'm sure.

We managed to find a mini checker board for Magoo's sock and so everything is done.



oh wait.......slight problem, Hubby's stocking is still half empty.....argh!

That's all for now. OWBS class prep is calling (more like screaming) my name. So if you don't hear from us for a couple weeks don't be surprised. Then again we may pop in....if blogger lets us!

Happy Holiday!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Oh how I love our P31 classes.

Really we should have them more then once a month....maybe in the new year we shall increase the frequency!

Last night was a instead of a class we held a celebration of 2 of the very special ladies that are being baptised on Saturday evening. So we had purple "baptism balloons", our signature hot chocolate (crushed candy canes and a million marsh mellows) in Grandma's china cups (she would be so pleased), and served each other by washing each others feet, oiling them and polishing them! Such fun.

Bibles open,

Nail polish,

Filling a jar to send to another precious Olive Plant out West,

"Even so, Come" Cd blasting,
Chocolate brownies,

Sharing Fav Verses,

Impromptu hymn singing...with no sheet music,

Birthday Cake (baked by the birthday girl unknowingly because she thought it was for me!),
Discussion over different Bible bindings, versions, etc,

Chocolate pudding mint amazing thingy dessert,

A shared letter from my Grandpa George (instead of a class)...that I've only ever shared with Hubby. Yes, I teared up at the end.....but I'm so glad I shared it with these ladies, they are so dear to me. The letter was my grandparents gift to me for my baptism. Full of insights and good advice and lovingly chosen verses woven through.

Man, there's gonna be buckets full of happy tears tomorrow evening!

Off to mail cards, teach homeschooling lessons, drink tea and oh yeah eat breakfast!

Friday, December 03, 2010

What do you have when you take 9 ravens 6 yrs old and less, 1 very wimpy king, various narrators in ingenious cosutmes with english and indian accents, 2 live cows and 2 Jezebels?




The play practice was tonight, and I just have to say that Sis A. has done such an amazing job!

Everything went perfectly.

Well except for:

Elijah had no um, costume on after he took off his mantle to strike the river (must remember to pack a robe for that poor man for tomorrow)

1 of the ravens (AKA: Monkey) sat down beside Elijah and proceeded to put the KFC bucket on her head.

Jezebel's robe kept falling down....and looking more and more realistic for her part(bobby pins are required).

And half the cast was downstairs eating pizza when we were looking for them to sing the last song.

Tomorrow will be amazing! I will of course have hubby take loads of pictures, which of course cannot be uploaded because in the time that it would take I could get 3 children dressed in winter gear, buckled into the Mazda, drive to Timmys, drive back, undress 3 children out of winter gear, eat Timbits, drink a double-double, get their home schooling done (for a Friday) and VOILA it still would either

A) be downloading



You get the picture.....(pun so completely intended!)

And get this, I went to Timmys to ask for some empty un-used timbit boxes for use in a "children's church play" (for ther avens to give to Elijah) and they said:

NO (assume olde lady snooty voice) "it is against our policy because someone could eat something else out of them and sue us"

excuse me, this is for a children's play...duh

(assume olde lady snooty voice) "I said it is against our...."

yeah, never mind that coffee I was ordering....I'll make it at home.

I tell you what in the world is this world coming to! oh yeah....itself!

I'm off to sew 2 Jezebel headpieces (SLIGHT procrastination here) and find some clothing for poor Elijah so the poor man is decent tomorrow!

and pack my blood red sandals for Jezebel to use,

and pack some Advil,

oh and some chocolate,

and head to bed,

on second thought I'll have the chocolate now and THEN head to bed.

ta ta!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Children have such a gift.

They show you things that are as plain and simple and real as the nose on your face.

Today they taught me to have fun again.

Yesterday Magoo asked "Mom can we set up the winter village tomorrow?"

My reply "We do that on December first, so you can wait"

To which he responded non-verbally with a look of "Mom's lost it again!"

Yeah, today is Dec 1, so yes we set it up. It was such fun! Usually I'm all a basket of nerves, worried they'll drop and break Helper picked all the fluff off of the trees, and Magoo unpacked it all (yes, the china ones) and

Monkey was asleep.. (maybe that had something to do with the fact that is was fun!)

So we set it all up, listening to their "serious conversation" about where the "pet shop" and the "school house" should go was amusing, but very insightful.

Yes we have some broken people....missing heads....that sorta thing. However that is from the move, not the actual helpful hands.

and since we are STILL on dial up (the "click on a link and go and make a cuppa and then come back and see if it loaded yet") no pics, but someday!

I'm off to write a Bible school curriculum on Biblical Archeology.....and turn a Rahab costume into a Jezebel one.

Oh gotta share this. So we headed to the seasonal aisle in WalMart (I hate going there but it was cheapest) for gold beads and such for the Jezebel costume....and so we're at the check out and the lady goes

"So you're decorating your tree today"

"We don't have a tree" Helper replies

"These are for a Church play" I explain

Puzzled store clerk "Mary wore beads?"

"Um, no its for Jezebel." I further explain

"Have you heard of Elijah? We're doing a play on him" Helper helps out

Oh dear, I think we confused that poor old lady.

Oh well, us three girls laughed all the way from the moment the store door closed behind us until the were drinking hot choco as a treat for surviving shopping at this time of year.