Friday, December 10, 2010


Oh how I love our P31 classes.

Really we should have them more then once a month....maybe in the new year we shall increase the frequency!

Last night was a instead of a class we held a celebration of 2 of the very special ladies that are being baptised on Saturday evening. So we had purple "baptism balloons", our signature hot chocolate (crushed candy canes and a million marsh mellows) in Grandma's china cups (she would be so pleased), and served each other by washing each others feet, oiling them and polishing them! Such fun.

Bibles open,

Nail polish,

Filling a jar to send to another precious Olive Plant out West,

"Even so, Come" Cd blasting,
Chocolate brownies,

Sharing Fav Verses,

Impromptu hymn singing...with no sheet music,

Birthday Cake (baked by the birthday girl unknowingly because she thought it was for me!),
Discussion over different Bible bindings, versions, etc,

Chocolate pudding mint amazing thingy dessert,

A shared letter from my Grandpa George (instead of a class)...that I've only ever shared with Hubby. Yes, I teared up at the end.....but I'm so glad I shared it with these ladies, they are so dear to me. The letter was my grandparents gift to me for my baptism. Full of insights and good advice and lovingly chosen verses woven through.

Man, there's gonna be buckets full of happy tears tomorrow evening!

Off to mail cards, teach homeschooling lessons, drink tea and oh yeah eat breakfast!

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Anonymous said...

That was definitely a good night! :)