Friday, December 03, 2010

What do you have when you take 9 ravens 6 yrs old and less, 1 very wimpy king, various narrators in ingenious cosutmes with english and indian accents, 2 live cows and 2 Jezebels?




The play practice was tonight, and I just have to say that Sis A. has done such an amazing job!

Everything went perfectly.

Well except for:

Elijah had no um, costume on after he took off his mantle to strike the river (must remember to pack a robe for that poor man for tomorrow)

1 of the ravens (AKA: Monkey) sat down beside Elijah and proceeded to put the KFC bucket on her head.

Jezebel's robe kept falling down....and looking more and more realistic for her part(bobby pins are required).

And half the cast was downstairs eating pizza when we were looking for them to sing the last song.

Tomorrow will be amazing! I will of course have hubby take loads of pictures, which of course cannot be uploaded because in the time that it would take I could get 3 children dressed in winter gear, buckled into the Mazda, drive to Timmys, drive back, undress 3 children out of winter gear, eat Timbits, drink a double-double, get their home schooling done (for a Friday) and VOILA it still would either

A) be downloading



You get the picture.....(pun so completely intended!)

And get this, I went to Timmys to ask for some empty un-used timbit boxes for use in a "children's church play" (for ther avens to give to Elijah) and they said:

NO (assume olde lady snooty voice) "it is against our policy because someone could eat something else out of them and sue us"

excuse me, this is for a children's play...duh

(assume olde lady snooty voice) "I said it is against our...."

yeah, never mind that coffee I was ordering....I'll make it at home.

I tell you what in the world is this world coming to! oh yeah....itself!

I'm off to sew 2 Jezebel headpieces (SLIGHT procrastination here) and find some clothing for poor Elijah so the poor man is decent tomorrow!

and pack my blood red sandals for Jezebel to use,

and pack some Advil,

oh and some chocolate,

and head to bed,

on second thought I'll have the chocolate now and THEN head to bed.

ta ta!

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Mama Bec said...

Oh I love you, you crack me up! Hope the play goes well. Can't wait to hear x