Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There is this odd phenomenon that happens each time we are expecting...
You know the one, it is at least a whole sheet of lined paper, outlining all the jobs that I'd like to get done pre-baby. Individual items include such simle tasks as "Make a set of at least 4 baby Bible felt books" or "Organize the children's desser drawers" or "Paint the playroom and Micah's room" even "refinish all of Baby Iz furniture" nothing simpler then these is included.
D finds this very humorous. I'm wondering where to start!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

29 Tishrei 5768, 10/11/2007
Israel National News:
Palestinians Now Demand the Western Wall!!

"In an interview with the website of the Israeli newspaper Maariv, an adviser to Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has now issued a new demand: the Palestinians want control over the Kotel, the Western Wall!
Here is what Adnan al-Husseini said: "We are talking about the city of Jerusalem, which is the capital of the Palestinian state, and we are talking about full and not partial sovereignty...we are referring to east Jerusalem, which consists of 9 square kilometers and which includes the Old City and the holy sites."
When the Maariv reporter asked al-Husseini specifically about the Kotel, Abbas' adviser said: "The Wailing Wall is a fence of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. It is a sacred Islamic trust and there is no place for making concessions over it." You can find the article - in Hebrew - here.
Surprised? Don't be. This is a natural outcome of the Israeli government's rush to make concessions to our foes. The Palestinians see that Mr. Olmert is desperate for a deal, and is ready to give away the store to get one. Sensing his weakness, the Palestinians are pushing for still further Israeli capitulation, confident that they have nothing to lose in the process.
We must stop this insanity - so wake up! Speak out! Do something - before it is too late, and we are left glancing at the Western Wall from afar, wondering how we could possibly have let it slip through our hands yet again....."
I think I'm going to go and cry now!