Sunday, December 16, 2012

Information overload!

Since we are considering schooling our chidlren at home in the next year to 2 years....the great "information Search" has begun.


Do you have any idea how much information there is on homeschooling kids! wowzers, I had no idea. There are so many different teaching techniques, curriculum, schools of thought, fantastic homeschooling blogs, support groups...the list really does go on and on.

The exciting thing is that I found out that there is a local convention only an hour away in Mummy is going solo and trying to find some more info.

yeah, like we need more info...ha

actually we do. So far we have ordered (yes Naomi I need to get them to you) the Jonathan Park CDs from Vision Forum..........and we love them. Though I have found that they are a bit older then they suggest. But that probably has a lot to do with the fact that ours watch minimal tv (only the odd thing like the Duggar's on YouTube and documentaries) and Magoo is very cautious........probably because he is so accident prone!

Now before those who know us in real life jump up and down and freak out about the school. There are many different reasons for this.......and once the school moving came up, we prayed a lot, and this is our plan.

So we have either a year & a half, or 6 mths to try to wrap our heads around that. Which may also involve drywalling a room in the basement to become the "homeschooling" room. Exciting :-)

so don't be surprised if this now turns a bit into "the wild and wacky but totally true freak outs of homeschooling!"