Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Time for our monthly post,

Oy, I'm pathetic!

Hubby and I spent the most wonderful weekend in Boston a bit ago to celebrate our 10th anniversary. This may sound weird, bizarre, actually it does, but it is the first time I felt like an adult.

Okay, slow down you're thinking! You've been married for 10 yrs and have 3 slightly hyperactive children and only then did you feel like an adult?

Well, um, yeah!

Getting married young is such a blessing from God! When you graduate high school and within a year and a bit are married, you never have any time to just be an adult. And that my friends was a really good thing! No time to mess up!

And life carried on and kids arrived and we've been in 5th gear ever since (and still falling behind)

So to have a weekend where we

a) ate pastry and coffee for lunch when we felt like it
b) had dinner at 7 or 8pm because we weren't hungry until then
c) walked for hours and could actually hold hands
d) sit and TASTE breakfast
e) sleep in.........oh wait that didn't happen, I still woke at 6:30am!
f) shop and actually have time to spend an hour trying on suits until the right one is found (yes, I won super wife points that day)

I think you get the picture. It was refreshing and uplifting and amazing.

And, by the way, Boston is beautiful and perfect! Coffee shops, used book shops, water, history and Ann Taylor Loft......need I say anything more?

So we've been back in reality for a while and had to jump back in with both feet.

But here's what I came back to change

Talk. Just sit and talk about the mundane, it doesn't always have to be "important" topics

SLOW DOWN. I mean, is all this busyness really REALLY important, I think not.

Appreciate the smallest of details in the day

Teach our own kids (hence the photocopying of "learning colours through God's creation" & "Girls of the Bible" workbooks)

Cuddles. I am a cuddle person. Cuddle the kids too.

And for crying out loud why doesn't anyone else hug their kids when they drop them off at school.....sheesh!

Oh and read "holding the head" by bro Michael Ashton....amazing read. I've read it twice and want to read it again!

Time to make dinner.