Thursday, January 27, 2011


I haven't had the importunity to teach at CHC for nearly 8 years. Magoo came upon the scene and we disappeared into the background doing the little everyday things that help things "keep on trucking" as my Mom would say.

So it was with some trepidation and some fear of the my own abilities that instead of laying out 2 uniforms last night, I laid out those 2 uniforms and an outfit for Monkey and I. Instead of 3 lunches sealed with a kiss, 5 were prepped and packed. The alarm went off earlier then usual, in other words Monkey woke me up for Mummy cuddles at 6:20am and we whispered to each other and Teddy so as to let Daddy sleep a little while longer. Americano's, fruit salad, teeth cleaned, morning prayers, clothing put on and bags packed we filled the car and off we went to start a new adventure for the day.

I had been a bit worried about Monkey. She is now used to having Mummy to herself for 2 days a week, and today she had to share me not only with her sister but three other girls as well.

She shined. It was that simple. I am such a happy mother right now. She read stories, coloured in her worksheets and joined in with the activity centers. The girls in the class carried on as though there was no 2 yr old there....and I smiled all day long! (and an Aunty took her home for the afternoon for some fun)

What a blessing today was. I often miss teaching. Then laugh at myself because since Yhwh has blessed Hubby and I with 3 Olive plants, that is basically all we do all day long is teach. Teach in actions, teach in words and teach in love.

And then I realized that the reason today went so well is because it was blessed by God. There is simply no other way to see it.

Another thing to thank your Heavenly Father for.

A simply wonderful day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What a month full of blessings!

In counting my blessings I am constantly finding the Husband that God has given me at the very top of the list. This week has been the usual crazy, insane pace of ecclesial life. Sunday school lessons to prepare and do, Bible classes, Memorial, school work to be completed WITH PATIENCE...

"Helper what is this word BIG?"


"You know this one so let's sound it out"


"no, its a B, what does B say?"


"No that is a T sound, what does a B say?"


"B is for Bug"


"Good now that is the next letter"


"No that is an E sound, what does the I say"


"I is for Indian"


"okay so lets make the blend"


"Try again"


"okay now well add the last letter, what does G say"

"I know, G says G"

"great! so say the word"


"say it faster"



Hubby on the other hand is so patient and can keep this up for a whole reader, Mummy does pages at a time.

Tangent aside, Hubby has put together our new book shelves. You know us, we hate to have to buy new stuff, but the book shelves we had were not big enough, and they were already double deep on the shelves! So off to Ikea we went and came home and in only 1 week the study is nearly done! YAHOO! 6 Billy (so suitable don't you think) and 1 corner and extensions are all up and are already nearly full.

How many times have we simply stood at the open study door and looked at the books while sipping tea....


Well, instead of napping, I hear giggles so I do believe that is my cue to put on the kettle for a tea party. After all it is -22 C and that is without the windchill!