Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

What's a girl to do when she has a bust back and isn't supposed to do anything? finally blog! ha!

You know you're a Mummy of four kidlets when

1)you vacume everyday, and 30 min later or less it looks as if you've never cleaned the flour this side of  the B.C. A.D. divide

2) You NEVER ever EVER bake 1 single solitary loaf of bread on its own. Seriously!

3) nursing while sorting laundry and reading the headlines from Israel at the same time, no problem.

4) when less then 2 people are talking at the same time in the house, your first thought is that someone must be sick!

5) Timbits must be bought in large packs, the mini one don't work no more!

6) One of your closest friend sees chocolate covered espresso beans and thinks of you!

7) you are bored if going less then 2 things at once. Seriously

8) you use seriously a lot

9) you feel like an amazing Mom if you get the kid's name right by the second guess!

10) just look at our house, you'll understand the rest!

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Can often times be golden. It has taken an awful lot of time to get our handle on four monkeys racing around the house. There has simply not been any time for showers let alone blogs! but finally we are under the false, I'm sure, impression that life is into a routine we call insanity, but we're getting by, with the strength only God can give us.

I've been wondering if it was worth blogging, after all nearly no one follows my rambles, which I think is a very good thing some days! Okay, most days! But more important, how this could be a force for good and not selfishness or selfcenteredness, which blogs seem to turn into.

So here's a new idea. We'll see how it goes. At least it will help me in a new goal. Our exhortation today was very pricking, which is just what I needed. Miss Fussy Pots now sits in her chair for the service so I can get most of the exhort and today I got all of it (I know, wonders never cease!). Anyways it was on the amazing fact that Manasseh repented at the end of his life. Wow, if he can, why aren't we! From there my mind wondered to the fact that I do have an idol (we all have them, so so true!)I need to get rid of in my life. Too often I escape the reality of the stress of life into a book, and have started taking out SO many on our weekly library visits. While it's true that I usually start and don't finish half of them because I discover they are garbage....still I really don't need useless books. Seriously!

So this Month my goal is to read "The Life of Jesus" by bro. Melva Purkis. I've always enjoyed bits, but haven't read it cover to cover in a while. So now is the perfect time to do so.

I love reading, those who know me in "real life" know that. So instead of fiction I'm going to find a non-fiction book each week that looks good. This week it is one I found called "Fleeing Hitler" which is a record of the evacuation of Paris during the invasion.

My question is....does anyone want to join me? Anyone want to read the book?

Well. Daddy story time with Magoo is over, and the girlies (all three!) are asleep in their warm beds, so off to get ready for tomorrow I go.

The Insane One