Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bliss of Exhaustion
Yes, yes, I know: weird title!
Hubby has been home for most of the week and it has been wonderful. My Favourtie memory made would have to be the time spent sledding with the children on the 26th. We had the hiking trails to ourselves and it was a perfect 1 degree C with a mysterious fog. The children were amazing and even lil Miss hiked and played in the snow for an hour! Mummy's legs were even tired!

The week has been full of fun, but also a lot more cleaning. Making the Goons beds today I was shocked to find 2 inches of dust behind Magoo's bed, Yuck! so while they were enjoying a bubble bath the floors were vacumed and fresh linens changed in each room of the house.

Now that they are old enough, I find bath time is the perfect oppurtunity to get a lot of jobs done on the second floor of the house. Vacuming, folding (I hate folding) and putting away laundry and simple tidy up time can always fill the 30 minutes!
Tomorrow we head off on a road tril to visit Grandpa, so tonight has been spent baking. So far we've finished 2 ham/brocolli/onion quiche, 3 dozen Morning Glory muffins and a ton of mitten and star shaped sugar cookies. Packaged up with some tins of nuts, homemade bread and some fresh fruit, and it should make a nice goodie basket to help stock up his fridge.
I was thinking, I know it is shocking when that happens, but it is such a good lesson when the children are involved in helping make/bake things for others, especially if you explain to them the reason why (they are sick, older, need help, tired!). The kids and I have enjoyed this project, and it got me thinking that it is so easy to double a recipe or a dish that we should really be baking and cooking for others more often. There certainly are many in the area that can use the help!
Until next time,
The Goon Family

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preparation begins!

I believe nesting has started, much to my husband's delight! I'd like to share with you what the children and I did last week. In a burst of energy we emptied the pantry cupboard, the small tea cupboard and a junk cupbaord. The children were thrilled with stacking the cans, and making piles. We gave the now empty cupboards a good wash with a mix of water, white vinegar, and soap, and left them to dry overnight.

The next morning when I awoke to the chaos in the kitchen I had been wishing that the job had never been started! But off we went, rolled up our sleeves and put everything back. In the tea cupboard went all of the herbal teas, a shelf (the highest one) of vitamins and supplaments, and on the lowest shelf the regular tea, pepermint tea, coffee filters and hot chocolait tin as we use them nearly everyday.

The bottom cupboard is a 'lazy susan' which was a pain to clean, but it had to be done! Organizing this took some thought as the shape (round) and size dictates where items must be placed. Must to my amazement everything fit in! Now the cereal it all together on the top shelf instead of being randomly tossed about, the baking items are on the top and then all the pasta, stew and canned items are on the bottom. In cleaning this all out I discovered a huge crack in my white sugar jar so that was tossed and an old wooden one brought up from the basement (and disinfected) now sits in there instead. It is a little bit of a pain as it doesn't fint an entire bag of sugar but we'll make it work.

The junk cupboard is what I am most pleased about. I got out our large mason canning jars and my Mother (who is amazing) gave me some screw on white plastic lids made for them. We barely do any canning choosing instead to freeze for the winter, but I digress. So now instead of a hog-pog of half empyt bags of goodies and such that always spilled and made a mess, everything has a jar. Carbo chips in one, walnuts in another, raisins in another, coconut in yet another, chocolait chips in another and in the biggest one (an extra wide one that my Grandma used to use for pickles) I put the children's treats such as bozed raisins, sugar free suckers and fruit leathers. They look so preety when you open the door and see everything peeking out of the glass jars.

On Tuesday we had the whole family over for dinner for, and with the new organized cupboards the baking and cooking went much easier. I estimate that for each meal of the day I save 5-10 minutes because of the simple fact that I know where ingredients are...bliss!

Now for next week I believe we shall attack the linen closet.....Help!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There is this odd phenomenon that happens each time we are expecting...
You know the one, it is at least a whole sheet of lined paper, outlining all the jobs that I'd like to get done pre-baby. Individual items include such simle tasks as "Make a set of at least 4 baby Bible felt books" or "Organize the children's desser drawers" or "Paint the playroom and Micah's room" even "refinish all of Baby Iz furniture" nothing simpler then these is included.
D finds this very humorous. I'm wondering where to start!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

29 Tishrei 5768, 10/11/2007
Israel National News:
Palestinians Now Demand the Western Wall!!

"In an interview with the website of the Israeli newspaper Maariv, an adviser to Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has now issued a new demand: the Palestinians want control over the Kotel, the Western Wall!
Here is what Adnan al-Husseini said: "We are talking about the city of Jerusalem, which is the capital of the Palestinian state, and we are talking about full and not partial sovereignty...we are referring to east Jerusalem, which consists of 9 square kilometers and which includes the Old City and the holy sites."
When the Maariv reporter asked al-Husseini specifically about the Kotel, Abbas' adviser said: "The Wailing Wall is a fence of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. It is a sacred Islamic trust and there is no place for making concessions over it." You can find the article - in Hebrew - here.
Surprised? Don't be. This is a natural outcome of the Israeli government's rush to make concessions to our foes. The Palestinians see that Mr. Olmert is desperate for a deal, and is ready to give away the store to get one. Sensing his weakness, the Palestinians are pushing for still further Israeli capitulation, confident that they have nothing to lose in the process.
We must stop this insanity - so wake up! Speak out! Do something - before it is too late, and we are left glancing at the Western Wall from afar, wondering how we could possibly have let it slip through our hands yet again....."
I think I'm going to go and cry now!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am So EXCITED!!!!!!!!
Film Version of 'O Jerusalem' to be Released Next Month
( A popular literary account of the 1948 War of Independence and the founding of the State of Israel is being made into a movie to be released next month."O Jerusalem" - as both the book and now the movie are called - was a bestseller when it was first published.The movie is due out in October.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was preparing next month's issue of "The Well" a newsletter that we do for young mothers and wanted to share this article with you all.

Lemuel’s Mother Wise indeed was the teaching which king Lemuel’s mother conveyed to her son (Prov 31:1). Into the contention concerning the identity of king Lemuel or his mother we need not enter. It is sufficient for us to recognize that the words of this exemplary woman bear the seal of divine inspiration. In view of the wholesomeness of such instruction well might the inspired writer of Proverbs enjoin his readers to “forsake not the law of thy mother.” “Bind them”, he says, referring to parental admonitions, “continually upon thy heart, and tie them about thy neck.” How do we stand, dear sisters, as touching the instruction which we convey to our sons. Is it worthy of the treatment above described? The wise mother of the Book of Proverbs sought to brace up her son for the requirements of his responsible position, and to warn him against the sins which would be peculiar to it. By this example being placed before us, it is evidently one which God would have us follow. Ere long, to all appearances, the Truth’s affairs will be largely in the hands of the children of the brethren and sisters. Should these coming custodians of God’s work fall short in regard to their great privilege and responsibility; let it not be through failure on our part to counsel them wisely. As a means of discharging our duty let us hold aloft those standards of manly excellence which God Himself has provided. Let us teach our sons that God looks not to the faultless clothing and distinguished appearance, or to education and rank, or to powers of oratory. These things are not so much as named in God’s list of the necessary qualifications of a tried man. What God requires is a man who has behind him a career of self-restraint and plodding, humble work. Let us put our sons in the way of serving and apprenticeship in such necessary qualities as industry, purity, vigilance, sobriety, modesty, hospitality, aptitude for learning (from those instructed in the Word) and for teaching (when in contact with the alien and in the Sunday School). Let us counsel them to be temperate, not given to the love of money and covetous, or to quarrelling, striving and unseemly contention (1Tim 3:2-3). Let us encourage them to be faithful and regular in the ecclesial meetings, but let us not fail to point out in connection with this, that the object in view must be the exaltation of God, and not of self, and that the man who reverses the Scripture injunction to be swift to hear and slow to speak is no blessing to his brethren and sisters. Were king Lemuel’s mother in our midst we may be sure that she would not only emphasize all these matters in the ears of her son, but that she would forewarn, and so forearm him against those sins of the last says, which Paul so vividly predicted. Said this faithful servant of God: “Men shall be despisers…of those that are good.” We have only to mention a good man’s name, be he a prophet or apostle, to find how rampant is this sin in the world. And who has not seen it at work even in the ecclesias? Let us strive to fortify our sons against this woeful sin of these last days by teaching them to respect those, who, from years of exemplary work in the Truth, are undoubtedly good men from the divine standpoint. Let us remember, however, that our sons are not likely to respect the brethren unless they are first taught to revere and listen to their parents. Disobedience to parents is another unholy trait which Paul indicated would be a feature of the present time. Let us early direct our energies towards securing from our sons, dutiful behavior towards both father and mother. He who despises father and mother and those whom God esteems, must, of necessity, be a despiser of God. The mother, who in the quietitude of home, devotes herself to the wise training of her children, performs a part which, for its far-reaching effect cannot be exceeded in importance. The work will call for many an inward battle between the inclination and duty, and will cause for many a headache and even heartache. Let us, however, go forward undaunted by difficulties, knowing that we have the strength of God’s own authority and His encouragement behind us. Lemuel’s mother appealed to her son on the ground of his kingly office. Our sons do not hold this high position. In the mercy of God the gospel has called them, no less than ourselves, to the rulership of the age to come and we can appeal to them on the ground of what is seemly conduct for those who will enter the Kingdom of God. As Paul indicated to Timothy there is an etiquette divinely prescribed for the “house of God” and it is necessary that this be learnt and observed by those who desire to associate with the immortal royalties of the future. A God-fearing woman may have to endure scorn from the unfaithful, but the praise from on high is certain. Sis. C.J. Lois & Eunice Cookbook pg 128-132

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saw this article on one of my fav places to look for clothes on the web. Had to share. Ofcourse I was "window shopping" as my belly has already started to grow!
Anti-Britney: The New Look Designers make modest clothing for women who don't want to show so much
The idea came to Chelsea Rippy when she found herself surrounded by low-rise jeans and short shirts. Nicole Thomas thought of it when she was shopping for a wedding dress and found two options: strapless or frumpy. Tedd Doucette got the idea when he and his wife couldn't find any clothes they considered appropriate for their five daughters.
Rippy, Thomas, and Doucette each founded companies specializing in modest clothing after noticing a dearth of options for stylish, yet discreet, young women. They are part of a growing number of niche retailers that cater to women who want more coverage than the typical mall outfit provides-for religious reasons, comfort, or a simple desire to look classy. Large retailers are starting to pay attention, too: This spring, Macy's will feature full-coverage dresses from Rippy's collection at stores in Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. "The customer is starving for a fashionable, covered product. There's a real market out there," says Jeff Gennette, CEO of Macy's Northwest region.
Soaring sales. Rippy noticed the need several years ago. At the time, she says, "fashion took a sharp turn for the worse. Pants were crazy low, and shirts were crazy short. Modesty aside, I didn't feel cute in anything." In 2004, Rippy, 32, founded Shade Clothing and started selling undershirts that could be worn under cropped tops to cover midriffs. Today, the company sells dozens of shirt styles and has launched new swimwear and semiformal dress lines. In 2006, Shade sales were just under $9 million, nearly double the 2005 figures.
When Thomas, owner of LatterDayBride, a bridal store based in Salt Lake City, was looking for wedding dresses in 1997, she couldn't find anything fashionable with the coverage she wanted. "Anything that was modest was really ugly, like Molly Mormon," she says, referring to a local term for homeliness. She now sells over 1,000 dresses a year through her website and recently expanded into prom dresses. "Just because you're modest doesn't mean you can't have style," she says.
Doucette launched Hannah Lise, an online retailer based near Tampa, in 2002 after his wife began sewing clothes for herself and their daughters because they couldn't find clothes in stores that met their preferences. He says his sales, which approach $3 million a year, have more than doubled over the past two years.
Part of the sudden interest in modesty is a reaction to the extreme immodesty of recent fashions, says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst for the NPD Group, a market research company. "The consumer rebelled," he says. "More than half the market is over 35. They don't want to look like they're 16 and doing a music video." He adds that retailers listened to customers who were saying, "We don't want to walk around like Britney Spears."
Wendy Shalit, author of the forthcoming Girls Gone Mild and founder of a group blog about modesty (, says women are "tired of the expectation that they present themselves in a sexual way. ... Girls are discovering that showing their belly button to strangers is not as empowering as they have been led to expect."
Many of the niche retailers selling modest clothes were inspired by religion. Brooke Samad, founder of Marabo, a clothing line aimed at Muslim women, says of her customers, "They may believe in Islam, but at the end of the day, they're a young Muslim woman in this country, and they want to go shopping and get what's hip and stylish."
Rachel Lubchansky, 29, founded the online retailer Funky Frum after discovering that women in her Jewish community shared her frustration with the lack of trendy yet modest clothes. She helped launch her site by sending fliers to 500 synagogues across the country. She's since found interest from women of different faiths as well as nonreligious women.
Rippy also found that Shade Clothing resonated with women beyond its original Mormon base. "Such a small percentage of women genuinely feel comfortable exposing their body," she says.
While national sales numbers in modest clothes are hard to come by, analysts describe an overall trend toward layered looks that expose less skin as well as classier looks. "We're back to refinement," says Roseanne Cumella, senior vice president of merchandising for the Doneger Group, a retail consultancy.
Not everyone's jumping on the modesty bandwagon. When asked whether J.Crew was following the trend, a spokeswoman said, "No," adding, "We do what's fun. We're not looking to cover up." Still, alongside skimpy bikinis and short skirts, knee-length dresses with high collars are featured in their spring catalog-outfits that could easily be sold by a retailer specializing in modest clothing.
While Rippy acknowledges that shopping at mainstream stores is easier today, she says she's not counting on that trend to last. "For me, modesty is not a trend. It's a lifestyle. ... We'll be here regardless of what the trends do."
-Kimberly PalmerUS News & World ReportApril 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Olmert is defainately insane, look at what he's done now!

PA Leaks 8-Point Agreement Made With Olmert

( The Palestinian Authority-based Maan News Agency claims to have received a Hebrew document from an Israeli source outlining eight points agreed upon by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government:
1. Israel withdraws and destroys Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in stages. 2. An “unarmed Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. The specific details of the borders will be determined according to security needs, demographic developments and humanitarian requirements. This will pave the way to for an equal territorial exchange. Israel will keep some settlement blocs and maintain geographic contiguity in Palestine and horizons for economic prosperity.”3. Dividing Jerusalem: “There will be two capitals in Jerusalem, one for Israel and one for Palestine.”4. Israeli relinquishes sovereignty to a committee to oversee Old City and holy sites.5. “Palestine to be declared a national homeland for the Palestinian people and Israel to be declared a national homeland for the Jewish people.”6. “A just solution to be agreed on for the problem of the Palestinian refugees with recognition of their suffering and understanding of their individual right within the framework of a comprehensive solution.”7. “Both sides must declare an end to the conflict and fight terrorism on both sides.”8. “Both sides to consider this agreement as being in accordance with the principles of the peace initiative proposed by the Arab League.”
Ma’an reported that, “Immediately after the [November] international summit and simultaneously with ongoing negotiations to reach a detailed agreement, Israel will start to withdraw its forces and evacuate settlements from territories in [Judea and Samaria].

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I feel so blessed, we just found out that we are expecting another little olive plant!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Have you ever felt completely and utterly empty? That is how I felt the day that I sat in the doctor's office and was told that I would never be able to have children. My body would regect them and I wouldn't be able to carry any child past the first trimester.

I was 15.

Ever since I can remember all I've truly wanted to be was a Mom. A Mom like my dear Mother who gave up literally everything, putting herself last, to raise my siblings and I.

On career days in elementry school I would tell them I wanted to be a Mom, only to be shot down by the teachers.

I can remember walking home that afternoon, skipping the rest of the days classes, in complete dispare. I had always thought that God's plan for me included a bunch of kids. I'd always dreamed of having 4 little olive plants (as discribed in Psalms) a boy, 2 years latter a girl, a break and then another boy and girl. Now I felt lost, trapped, not knowing what was in store for my life.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years. God had brought a wonderful man into my life. He was kind, knowlegdeable about the Bible, gentle yet strong in character, from a great family, and even though he was a bit older he treated me with respect and I never felt younger around him (though we often got comments). He was a true gentleman, Christ like. Before the relationships I had were well, disrespectful.

We had been in a serious relationship for nine months and I knew that this was the man that was the answer to my ernest prayers. I had found the man that God had choosen for my husband.

He wanted children. He loved children. I had to tell him that according to the doctors I could never give him a family of his own. Never bear his children.

Instead of turning from me, he stayed by my side, believing that with God all things are indeed possible.

We did not have an easy relationship, even my Mom was against it at the beginning. We would do the daily readings over the phone and chat, seeing each other only at Ecclesial functions when 'dating' was out. On July 17th he asked me to marry him. We spent so many evenings at Second Cup I do believe that we kept them in buisness over the following 7 months! Now that we were engaged the presure on the relationship from the outside stopped and we blissfully prepared for our life together in the LORD.

We had been married for a year and a half when I went for a checkup, this time to a doctor in the States as that was where we were now living. My mouth dropped to the flour when she informed me that my previous diagnosis was wrong.

We had the same chances of having children as anyone else.

Now I have 2 little olive plants running circles around me daily. A boy, and then 2 years latter a girl.

Miracles do happen to those who love the LORD.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Going up north! Yippee a week of relaxing and playing in the water and dirt with the Goons

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Red Currant & Lemon Cake
3 C Fresh red currants
Zest of 2 lemons
4T Butter
1/4 Olive Oil
2 Lrg Eggs
1T Baking Powder
3C Flour
1C Milk

1) Butter the sides and bottom of a 10 in pan, preheat the oven to 350.
2) Using an electric mixer cream butter and sugar until fluffy (10 min.) Mix in the oil and both eggs until smooth.
3) On low speed add the baking powder and 1C of the flour.
4) Alternate adding the rest of the flour with the milk until smooth.
5) GENTLY fold in the zest and currants.
6) Cook for 50-60 min until golden on top.
7) Serve plain or with a drop of whipping cream.

Oh bother, the pics are in the wrong order, oh well you get the idea! I made this this afternoon with the 2 lil helpers and it was easy and so blissfully delicious!!!

Hope that you enjoy!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The 2 Goons and I took Jolene to the airport yesterday, and met Tamar! They are now in Jerusalem for 3 weeks, G-d willing they'll have an awesome trip!

Wow, what I wouldn't do to go with them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

Just got back from Shippensburg, PA. 1 week spent around God's word, and meeting other women striving to be a compainion and help meet for their husbands and wonderful Mummys.

I feel wonderfully spiritually to the laundry!

I'll be posting on the classes on the giving of the tithe under the law. Great stuff!

After the laundry though.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Have you ever noticed that when things are going great, something always ends up happening! a bit of a tough time right now. I need to remember that God is my rock and my strong tower. I need not fear. He is in control. It isn't just time that will heal all things, it is God that will heal all things.

"Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul." Psalm 69:1

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a wonderful morning! We had our last Study class on the book of Ruth. Now I'm going to use my evenings marking in my notes. What a wonderful story of the true Godly love of service of Ruth to Naomi.

I might post some of the notes, we shall see.

Today I have the priveldge to watch a little girl Magoo's age, so I'm having a taste of what having 3 olive plants around my table would be like. It is going very well, in fact they are all taking a nap as I type.

Hubby is preparing a class on the Feast of Tabernacles so this week and next are very busy. I have finally learn't to silently take on some of his tasks around the house so that he doesn't need to worry about them. Yesterday I weed-wacked the yard, and extened one of our many flower beds. Tonight I think I'll file for him and then find some good illustrations to go with his powerpoint presentation. Maybe even pick up and dare I say install a clothes line. Now that I've changed my focus from "oh no, he has a class to do, this is going to mean more work for me" to "How can I show him that I support and love him" the time is going MUCH easier!

Now if only I could get ahead on the laundry....

I'm going to try to write more often, but don't know if anyone will ever bother to look....oh well

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Currently Reading O Jerusalem by Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre

A must read! I think this is my fourth time reading it, each time I end up staying up into the wee hours of the next day to finish it. It is non-fiction and excellent, at least I think it is.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Yesterday Magoo (our adorable bundle of three year old energy) told me three times "Mommy you phone Air Canada and get us on airplane to Israel" and then at bedtime after prayers he proceeded to tell me all the things that we would need to pack when we go to our "Jerusalem home" when the "Big huge Temple" would be built and that he would help "make the wall Big and huge"

Brought tears to my eyes and lifted my heart.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well I've decided to start up again on this. I am Buying this book! you can order it on Amazon and read a review on Arutz Sheva (

“Movin’ On Up” By Yocheved Miriam RussoDecember 31st, 2006
As appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Metro Magazine, December 29, 2006
No one makes aliyah without thinking at least once, “I ought to write a book!” Well, Laura Ben-David just did it. Ben-David’s book about her family’s 2002 aliyah experience, “Moving Up: An Aliyah Journal“, came out on December 13th. But during the long months she spent writing and rewriting, her working title was “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up”. “It’s all true,” she says, laughing. “Lots of authors start with a legal disclaimer — ‘this book is fiction, the product of the author’s imagination’. I did exactly the opposite. Every single thing in this book really happened. I couldn’t possibly have made any of it up.”