Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bliss of Exhaustion
Yes, yes, I know: weird title!
Hubby has been home for most of the week and it has been wonderful. My Favourtie memory made would have to be the time spent sledding with the children on the 26th. We had the hiking trails to ourselves and it was a perfect 1 degree C with a mysterious fog. The children were amazing and even lil Miss hiked and played in the snow for an hour! Mummy's legs were even tired!

The week has been full of fun, but also a lot more cleaning. Making the Goons beds today I was shocked to find 2 inches of dust behind Magoo's bed, Yuck! so while they were enjoying a bubble bath the floors were vacumed and fresh linens changed in each room of the house.

Now that they are old enough, I find bath time is the perfect oppurtunity to get a lot of jobs done on the second floor of the house. Vacuming, folding (I hate folding) and putting away laundry and simple tidy up time can always fill the 30 minutes!
Tomorrow we head off on a road tril to visit Grandpa, so tonight has been spent baking. So far we've finished 2 ham/brocolli/onion quiche, 3 dozen Morning Glory muffins and a ton of mitten and star shaped sugar cookies. Packaged up with some tins of nuts, homemade bread and some fresh fruit, and it should make a nice goodie basket to help stock up his fridge.
I was thinking, I know it is shocking when that happens, but it is such a good lesson when the children are involved in helping make/bake things for others, especially if you explain to them the reason why (they are sick, older, need help, tired!). The kids and I have enjoyed this project, and it got me thinking that it is so easy to double a recipe or a dish that we should really be baking and cooking for others more often. There certainly are many in the area that can use the help!
Until next time,
The Goon Family

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debbie said...

hello! The photos are gorgeous!!! I wish we'd got some snow here and time off work!!! Just to say I am soooo excited knowing I've got another cousin on the way!!! and i'm sure they'll be just as lovely as they're bigger brother and sister! i so wish i could pop over and be molly maid again, but its a bit far! Me and anna are really looking forwards to going to Israel with Grandma and Grandad, should be soooo much fun!! I cant wait! Hope every thing goes well God bless! Debbie xox to all the goons and sprout the 3rd!!!!