Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fhoto Friday:
Remebering Israel!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So who deleted a comment?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meaningful Mondays:

Some people call it coincidence. Some Karma. Some Luck. Some Intuition.

We call it the providence of God.

There are many times in our lives, where looking back we can see the hand of God. He is there guiding events, directing situations, leading us forward.

Usually when Magoo has a nap it is a rare occurrence. He is great though, and I don't have to worry about him. Usually I will grab the spare hour or so and weed the veggie patch, knit, call a friend. I nearly never have to check on him.

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer checking Arutz-7 news with Princess and had this very strong urge to check Magoo. I had no idea why, didn't really think about it at the time. Just got up and told Princess that I had to go check Magoo while he was napping.

I opened the door to find my son asleep, gasping for breath.

All I could think was, hospital RIGHT NOW. Since we live a bit in the country and going by past experience I knew it would be faster to drive there myself. I scooped him and Sprout up in my arms and RAN downstairs and threw them into the car and strapped him and the girls in.

Slight problem. We had only JUST arrived home from a week and a half up on Manitoulin Island and basically the trailer and car had vomited up all its contents all over the garage and house.

My purse was no-where. His health card was in my purse.
Get the kids out of the car.

by now his checks were pinpricked with burst blood vessels and his lips were turning purple.


And yes I told the operator off when she told me to NOT comfort my child as he was getting oxygen if he was crying.

Then of all things the doorbell rang.


Our neighbour is a volunteer firefighter and had been napping, he got the page and was there.


As it took the ambulances ten minutes!

4 firefighters (gotta love the fact the one from Home Hardware arrived on a bike, only in the village we live in!)

8 paramedics

2 ambulances

SIL arriving at my house to take care of the girls right away. The fact that the family all lives within 4 kms. Such a blessing.

Magoo is now home. Thanksgiving is pouring from our lips and hearts that Yhwh saw fit to spare him.

May you see God's hand in your life as well.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Outside my window...
An Indigo Bunting

I am thinking...
We should Really start packing

I am thankful for...
Refreshing physical rain for the garden. Spiritual rain for my heart.

From the Kitchen....
A rice flour raisin scone from my Mum

I am wearing....
Dirt encrusted gardening clothes

I am creating....
Food for the winter....shelling fresh peas from a local farmer

I am going...
To Manitoulin (God willing) in a week

I am reading...
A Sister's Secret by Wanda Brunsettler

I am hoping....
For God's healing hand upon our family

I am hearing...
Children laughing over catching bugs

Around the house...

One of my favorite things...
My sisters (blood & spiritual)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Missing In Action

Four doctor's appointments in 2 days. That is our explanation for missing from here. Needless to say Mummy is on antibiotics and 2 puffers, Sprout is on 2 puffers (total of 16 puffs a day), Princess is going through some tests and then probably antibiotics.

Thanks be to God that Magoo is fine. His pediatrician gave him a clear bill of health for his lungs for the first time since his birth.