Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Husband is Brilliant!

I hate making lists. It isn't the list that drives me insane it is the fact that after making said list one of the following always happens:

1) I leave it at home on the kitchen counter
2) A very important ingredient is left off of said list and therefore I don't get it
3) I put the list down somewhere in the grocery store and cannot find it for ther est of the shop

Oiy! So D has made me a list on the computer of the basic items that we usually need. All I have to do is print it and cross out the items we do not need and voila! a list done in a couple minutes!

And....since it is printed on a regualr piece of paper #1 & 3 usually don't happen anymore.

On another note: we (the 3 Goons and I) went to pick up our veggie plants that we'd like to grow this summer. To our utter dismay the 3 usual places (Farmer's market & 2 local farms) only had peas, tomatoes, the wrong kind of letuce and cucumbers!

We are planning on planting corn, bush beans, carrots, leaks, brussel sprouts (a whole row!), tomatoes and the usual array of herbs.

As of writing this we only have the tomatoe and brussel sprout plants. So we still need to find a bunch of leak plants. All this cause Sprout #3 was about to arrive and therefore I was giving myself a break in not starting them inside....I've learn't my lesson!

Pics to follow soon!