Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There is this odd phenomenon that happens each time we are expecting...
You know the one, it is at least a whole sheet of lined paper, outlining all the jobs that I'd like to get done pre-baby. Individual items include such simle tasks as "Make a set of at least 4 baby Bible felt books" or "Organize the children's desser drawers" or "Paint the playroom and Micah's room" even "refinish all of Baby Iz furniture" nothing simpler then these is included.
D finds this very humorous. I'm wondering where to start!

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Michelle said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I actually grew up in a Messianic congregation so I'm very familiar with the Jewish-style headcoverings. Ironically these are the ones I have the hardest time keeping on - lol! My head is slightly the wrong shape and my hair so slippery that they just slide off after a few hours and I can't spend all day re-adjusting them. So far I love the mennonite style so I think I'll stick with those - Thanks again!