Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Children have such a gift.

They show you things that are as plain and simple and real as the nose on your face.

Today they taught me to have fun again.

Yesterday Magoo asked "Mom can we set up the winter village tomorrow?"

My reply "We do that on December first, so you can wait"

To which he responded non-verbally with a look of "Mom's lost it again!"

Yeah, today is Dec 1, so yes we set it up. It was such fun! Usually I'm all a basket of nerves, worried they'll drop and break Helper picked all the fluff off of the trees, and Magoo unpacked it all (yes, the china ones) and

Monkey was asleep.. (maybe that had something to do with the fact that is was fun!)

So we set it all up, listening to their "serious conversation" about where the "pet shop" and the "school house" should go was amusing, but very insightful.

Yes we have some broken people....missing heads....that sorta thing. However that is from the move, not the actual helpful hands.

and since we are STILL on dial up (the "click on a link and go and make a cuppa and then come back and see if it loaded yet") no pics, but someday!

I'm off to write a Bible school curriculum on Biblical Archeology.....and turn a Rahab costume into a Jezebel one.

Oh gotta share this. So we headed to the seasonal aisle in WalMart (I hate going there but it was cheapest) for gold beads and such for the Jezebel costume....and so we're at the check out and the lady goes

"So you're decorating your tree today"

"We don't have a tree" Helper replies

"These are for a Church play" I explain

Puzzled store clerk "Mary wore beads?"

"Um, no its for Jezebel." I further explain

"Have you heard of Elijah? We're doing a play on him" Helper helps out

Oh dear, I think we confused that poor old lady.

Oh well, us three girls laughed all the way from the moment the store door closed behind us until the were drinking hot choco as a treat for surviving shopping at this time of year.

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