Monday, December 20, 2010

Well, this post nearly did not happen....

When blogger crashes 4 times while trying to load your page you'd think I'd give up but never!

Well actually sometimes I do

Fairly often

but....nevermind all that

So this evening was wonderful! This morning the Monkeys and I were out for 4 hours (packed jam sandwiches & veggie sticks came VERY handy for lunch in the car) and only got to 3 shops. Oy! People are crazy!

Tonight on the other hand was such fun. As we did last year, we took the kids to Dollarama to pick out gifts for each other and the parents. So Daddy took Magoo to buy for the girls and I and I took the girls to buy for Magoo & Daddy....

Watching them pick out their gifts are so cute! It is really amazing what you can get at the dollar store! I think Magoo got a peek of his gift but it will all be good in a couple days.

Then, as tradition dictates, we went out to Tim Hortans for hot choco and donuts. This year's flavour was "double chocolate candy cane" and they were delish! Mummy was good and didn't have a donut, just a teeny tinny taste of Monkey's one.

Then we headed to the "nasty grey box" store for cream and ended up spending $50. That is part of the reason I hate that store. But it was all stuff we needed....except for the 6 suet balls for the birds when all we needed was one....but it was a six get the idea I'm sure.

We managed to find a mini checker board for Magoo's sock and so everything is done.



oh wait.......slight problem, Hubby's stocking is still half empty.....argh!

That's all for now. OWBS class prep is calling (more like screaming) my name. So if you don't hear from us for a couple weeks don't be surprised. Then again we may pop in....if blogger lets us!

Happy Holiday!

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