Monday, November 02, 2009

10:16 am

That is what my body is telling me it is right now, though the clock on the computer screen reads 8:16am. We have been waking up at 7 (in reality it is 5) and I can tell that the kids have made this switch fine, it is the parents that are struggling! Five more hours of time changing to do, and in reality that simply is not going to happen, so we are aiming for another hour changed and then we would be just about half way there. Really the sunrise is spectacular.

The hardest aspect of this week is the cabin fever. Magoo is doing well with his homeschooling, and seems content to spend the days inside at home (too cold outside as it would trigger his asthma) I on the other hand am going stir crazy mad!

Oh well, it is all for a great cause and we only have 5 days left! This morning Magoo was bugging me to "pack up the adult things" since the children's clothing is all set aside and ready to be put into bags and suitcases.

The Husband's new toy arrived last night, a mini camcorder to record our visit to Israel this time. He was very excited, and recorded us trying to wake up this morning, the the children gleefully recounting that "it's five o'clock Daddy, five o'clock!"

well I'm off to work on the workbook for Apps Mill, yet another job to get done before we leave!

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