Monday, November 16, 2009

Li La Rev

Apologies, yesterday evening we gt in late and spent the little time before crashing into bed trying to get D's cell phone working (it does now) and preparing the backpacks and clothing for today, so were not able to update.

Yesterday we were able to get off to an early start, doing a load of much needed laundry while eating breakfast. We decided that since we were going to be so late leaving the Old City that we would park the car in the Mamilla Mall just outside of the Jafo gate which would cut out walk into half.

We spent about 30 minutes walking around the mall and another half hour getting a Cafe Afulk and pastries there as the english tour of the David Citadel (which has nothing to do with David by the way) did not start until 11. We got there in plenty of time and followed it as we went up to the top (so high and yes I am a wee bit scared of heights I am discovering) and were given an overview of the city. Because of the timing we were up there trying to listen to the guide while the Moslems had there 1 of 5 call to prayer, Oy so loud. We all giggled a bit when she said "this is a bit disturbing" and agreed. It was so loud you couldn't even hear yourself think!

Then we followed the tour for the first 2 hours as they did the section on Biblical Jerusalem and then left as it was 1 pm and we needed to get the Goons lunch. We walked through the quater to the Quarter Cafe which is very high up and over looks some Roman Ruins and also the stairs down to the Kotel. Potatoe Latkes, brocoli quiche, veggie soup, falafal and eggplant baked something was the menu which we all shared out between us.

To get down we walked on the tops of houses and past some of their neat to see. Then we entered the Burnt House for the portrayal of the Roman descruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. It was very moving and near the end poor Magoo was in tears and so upset to see what the Romans did to God's people. So him and I left with Monkey and waited for Daddy and Princess at the end. This opened a door for us to talk to the children about AD 70, the prophecies it fulfilled and the reason for God's judgement on the Nation at that time. They really took it in, as we sipped hot cappuchinos (it was cold yesterday) and coke. We met up with the Sweenys and had a nice restful visit before they went off to Tel Aviv and we went throught the Herodian Quarter.

After 1967, because most of that section (nearly 100%) was destroyed and leveled by the Arabs, they had the great oppurtunity to excavate and found 4 houses (as well as the bunrnt house) remaining with the chared beams and mosaics and walls and baths and so many things. This was great as the kids love running around the ruins and exploring and trying to figure out what they are. It is like a giant puzzle to them. They had a reconstructed model with lil people in it down there as well which really helped us understand what exactically we were looking at.

Then we popped into some stores just to look and headed slowly down to the Kotel Plaza where they were gathering for the Rosh Chodest March (the New Moon celebration under the Law, but since there is no Temple they march around the Temple platform singing the Psalms of Ascent and praying at each gate, I forget how many, for Messiah Son of David to return and build the thrid Temple and bring redemption to His people.) We thought it started at sun down (5ish) but instead it was that Ethiopian celelbration instead and then we waited forever. We could see the truck with the Temple flags, but nothing was happening. Then Moshe arrived to say he found out it wasn't starting until 7! Oy. The kids ate snacks while we waited of fresh dates and the gummy bears Aunty L had sent for the trip (thank you!) Then it started (2 hr wait) and we watched from the stairs as it was too late to go on it with tired children. We had the oppurtunity to explain it to a couple from England that had helped with the stroller at one point. Also had a good chat with them about the Truth.

We stopped in the Jewish Quarter for Swarma for dinner, and the is much leftovers as the kids were full from snacks. Oh well.

Now I am desparately drinking coffee and trying to wake up. Got woken up around 6am with the garbage truck or something loud. Avi arrives in less then an hour and so off to the shower I run!

God Bless on this day!

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