Monday, November 09, 2009


What a wonderful and very full day we have had today. This morning we enjoyed a slower pace and set out first thing for the grocery store, enjoying the walk and then really enjoying the lovely creamy yojurt and bananas. At that point it was desided that Sprout really needed a nap! Lunch was lovely doughy fresh pita and Challah buns with with poppy seeds, onto which we sliced tomatoes (which tasted so fresh as from a garden) cheese (which we think was a variation of Havarti) or turkey and iceburg letuce. The best part of lunch were those mini cucumbers so crisp and sweet! Well, that and the humus!

After lunch we put on our walking shoes and ventured up toe the Old City. Such a beautiful walk through the most stunning park we've seen. The lushness of the bougenvillea vines, the old and knarled olive trees, the roses bushs and fragrent evergreen bushes, everything was just perfect especially the views up to the old city. We also walked past the famous Windmill and through that area which has been inhabited by Jews since the 1870s.

After asking for some directions in the park (as the map showing roads were not infact real roads) we made our way up to the Jafo Gate instead of the Zion Gate as had been planned since we were on that side of the valley. Both Princess and Magoo walked the whole way there and through to the Jewish Quarter.

After entering the Jafo Gate we remembered the narrowness of the sidewalk...and that is only when they exsist! They always disappear when you need them the most, such as going through a tunnel and around a blind corner!

It was refreshingly familiar to walk this route, past the Pizza Carbo where Esther Wiess has that amazing headcovering shop (and no I only looked today, no purchasing!) and stopped in the Hurva Court to enjoy an iced coffee, cappuchino and sprite. Mainly we spent our time today just walking around, enjoying the sites and taking the time and patience to explain the significance and importance of the Broad Wall remains, the remnant of the original city wall from the time of King Solomon, the model of the Menorah, the Pillars from the Roman Period.

After a good chat with Moshe (and promises to come back) we headed down the many, many, MANY stairs to the Kotel.

To me the Kotel signifys all that has been there and also the Hope of the future when once again the Temple will stand, though in a much larger size (it will take up all of the Old City area). I took the girls down because Princess doesn't remember seeing it, and she could not get over the size of the stones.

We spent some time just watching everyone there and then went back UP all those stairs, and yes we were carrying the double stroller with Sprout in it the whole time.

Poor Princess got a blister from her crocs so she was allowed in the stroller from the Kotel on (excluding the steps) and good 'ol Magoo walked all the way back explaining to Mummy all the differences between Israel and Canada....this taking, in his absent minded professer way, nearly the whole walk home until we turned off of Ramban/Argon and headed down to our lil road.

Now the children and tucked in for the night, Sprout having excepted this as home for now, with their tummies full of chicken, rice and salad.

We are going to have our memorial here in Yerusaliyim and then tuck in as well! Our feet certainly deserve a rest and we must get up early for our next adventures.

God Bless and hopefully we will have an update for you again tomorrow.

In the Hope of Israe!
(ps: pictures to follow, and the spell check is not working, sorry!)

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Mother By the River said...

I hope you took some sort of recording of Magoo explaining the differences between Israel and Canada! That is priceless!