Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shalom on day two!

Hello again, to whomever may be reading this...

We had yet another wonderful day, but then we are in God's land so how could we not? It was much harder to get out of bed this morning. Sprout has developed an evening cough which keeps her and Mummy up and I simply am having a bit of a rough go with the time change. Is it worth it? definately!

This morning breakfast was bowls of "harvest crunch" that we brought over in our suitcases and very sweet apple juice. They grow different varities of apples here and you can certainly tell the difference in the juice. It was a bit of a mad ash to get ready as we had desided the night before to go up North to Haifa to visit the Illegal Immigration and Naval history Museum. The car ride was great, I mean where else in the world can you have a running commentary of Biblical stories based on the view? and the questions from the kids were as usual, ammusing. We saw a flock of pelicans flying from the Med. Sea inland and tried to capture it on video but Mummy had not yet figured out the zoom feature on the camcorder. Lunch was eaten on the way up (Challah rolls with smoked turkey for the boys, the same in pitas for the girls and mini cucumbers and gold fish crakers).

We arrived (thanks to the trusty GPS) only to find that the main exhibit (an actual boat used to bring Jews from pots WW2 Europe to Israel that is beached that you can walk through and see what the living quarters were like) was closed for construction, typical. However the rest of it was good. A highlight for the children was to actually walk into and through an Israeli Sub. and a navy intercept boat. There were many models, a notable one of the Exodus (and if you don't know about that google it!) Ship. Magoo loved climbing up and all over the various caputred terrorist boats and old Israel boats and weapons. It was a great place for the kids and really interessting, espceially for me, was the section on the blockabe and deportation to Cyprus by the British of so many Jews because of the White Paper. Such a sad part in history! But God had stated that the Jews would be back in the Land and so the British were over-ruled by the Highest power!

After a few hours there we loaded back into the car and headed South to Dor/Nacholim where the ancient Tel-Dor is. We were a wee bit too tired to hike up to the actual Tel and so changed into our bathing suits and splashed about, built sand tunnels, exclaimed over a poor spotted crab and collected shells. Sprout was simply adorable and ingenious as she soon was using a shell as a shovel! The sun started to set as we headed back to the car, quickly dried off (as the tempurature was dropping quickly) and sat down for a snack of personal sized cucumbers and oranges.

Get this, we bought a bag of oranges (about 20) for 2.99 INS that is LESS then a dollar! Wow!

It was soon evident to Daddy that we were not going to make it home for dinner as Mummy's head was simply splitting. So we stopped at Zichron Yaakov (which was on our list to do thanks to the Loveridges) and you are going to roll your eyes, had Burger King for dinner....I know pathetic! but everywhere else was more Shekels and it was still an interessting experience as we don't speak Hebrew and the cashier didn't speak English (I got laughed at twice, but that'ws fine). So with some pointing and holding up numbers of fingers we got our supper...such a yummy salad and burger! They always have salad here, so healthy. Then Daddy, who was full of marvolous ideas popped into another cafe for Cafe Afuuk (upside down coffee = cappuchino) and chocolate stuffed crossants. Wow were those good.

So there we are standing at the front of the car simply swooning while eating these pastries and I look over and Sprout is sucking on her thumb, not unusual...and her hands are covered, COVERED in black oil from the tire of the car next to us. We're eating chocolate and she is eating car grease, great! Purelle saved the day, and wet wipes which we are thinking we should have brought 3 packs instead of 2, but I digress.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, other then a bit slow going on the way up to Yerusaliyim and we figured "great some so called important person is visiting so they are checking all the cars" which by the way does happen as last time we were going the other way and it was lined up for miles because Condalessa Rice was visiting, blah. But it was just a car bump, how boring.

Now the Goons are tucked into bed. Princess dreaming Gravol dreams again (she is finding it hard) and are planning out tomorrows great adventures.

We plan on going to the Elah Fortress, http://www.elahfortress.com/page18/page23/page23.html

great article on the importance of the site.

Until tomorrow then, God Bless and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

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