Sunday, November 22, 2009

Li La Rev

Yesterday was a really nice ending to our ventures outside of Yerushalyim. We were able to be up and off by 9:30 with our packed lunch, some chips (and here they actually fill the bag, fancy that!) some chocolate wafer cookies and lots of water bottles. We headed out on hyw 1 and hit traffic. A police motorcycle had been in an accident so we were down to one lane. Those who have been here know how slow going it is when the heavy trucks are in front of you!

So instead of 1 & 1/2 hrs it took about 2 and a bit. We stopped at a rest stop for a cafe and crossants and Micah left his New Zealand hat there he was absolutely devestated and even though we tried to get there on our way back, you couldn't as it was on the other side of the divided hyw 6 (the toll road). So we are very glad we picked him up one at The City of David.

So off we went and got up to Migiddo. Ate lunch in the car in the parking lot and went in. They had a short video which helped explain the different time periods found at the site. Then we headed up and out to the Tel.

Wow, it was huge! and amazing whole city is up there, complete with 2 palaces (Ahab's and Solomon's) and the horse stables (Solomon's) and a yard for the horses and chariots and an Assyrian city and the views were astounding, the entire Jezreel valley was in view and Mt Tabor, and the IDF base there (complete with them doing flights over the valley!). Then we went down Ahab's water system. See they had a problem as there was no water source on the hill so they dug a tunnel down and through the hill to the water source and then buried it on the other side with rocks and gravel so that in a seige they would have water and the enemies would not. We went all the way down and the turned around and climbed ALL THE WAY UP as it ends at the hyw 66 and we would have had to walk along it for 600 m. with kids this was not really an option.

In total we spent about 3 hours there, buying a good book on life in New Testament times there and wishing we had space for stuff for Apps Mill!

Then we drove home and had pasta with peppers and onion for dinner and did the readings. Then we walked up to Ben Yehudah street to get pastries for today and donuts as this is the month of Hanukkah they celebrate buy boiling and frying lots of food in olive oil. The kids loved theirs and so did D but mine was more like a thick bagel. Not so impressed.

We picked up a surprise for Magoo and so far have managed to hid it!

Then we walked home and tucked everyone into bed. Monkey keeps waking up just before 7!

Well we are off today to spend the day where God has choosen to place His name.

We hope you are having a wonderful day as well!

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