Friday, November 20, 2009

Shabbat Shalom

You know, at the beginning of this trip (in the planning stages) I was preety annoyed that we were going to have basically 1 & 1/2-2 days of each week where nothing was open. Other then in Tel Aviv that is. Here in Jerusalem most things close at 2pm at the latest. The National Parks (which is most of what we want to see) are not even open Friday and Saturday.

Now we are learning to enjoy the slower pace on these days.

Today we stayed in bed until 10:30, of course the kids did not and we had to get up a couple times to sort out toys and get Monkey her milk. We had the usual breakfast of fruit, toast and yogurt. Made a grocery list and headed out. Grocery shopping here is an adventure. Once again I thought we bought eggplant salad, only to get home and open it and be let down again - Salsa! As I told D: "I'm not asking for help anymore in the grocery store!"

Seriously every aisle or two I get to try out my "Sli-ha, Mavin(a) Englit?" and yep, everyone does or the one lady that didn't understood French so there I was in the middle of Jersalem trying to get my brain in French gear.

After dropping off the groceries at the apartment (and smearing raw egg down my skirt after a mishap in the front door) we headed off to the Mamilla Mall again. This time for a good look at the bookstore there for a cook book (left without one, but with 2 bags full of other goodies) and a stop at our fav cafe, which we have no idea what it is called in English but recognize the black and red Hebrew lettering. This is the shop that serves chocolate stuffed crosants (that are actually in the shape of squares) that are about 5 in square and about 2 inches high and oh so delectable! We always order 4, and the kids never have a problem eating all of theirs! They also do the typically European thingy of giving you a chocolate with your cappuchino or latte (which we have discovered are the same thing in Israel) which is nice.

Then we had a bit of a parking fiasco. See it is free for the first 3 hours, but apparently we parked in the wrong side....because the other side was full and had to pay! oh well it was only 17ins but still.

We headed home and the Goons had mini cucumbers for lunch with some cheese and bread, but us grown ups were still full from the Lattes and pastry. I don't know how the kdis eat what they do! Then the girls went for a nap and before we knew it the afternoon was gone. We downloaded the many pics and videos....laughing at my pathetic atempts to take pictures through the window and video while the car was going 120km! Not so clear but gut aching hilarious!

We woke the girls up around 4 as the sun was starting to set (Shabbat had started) and walked around the corner to the YMCA where they have a lil playground and basically it took both of us to keep Monkey from seriously hurting herself-that girl has NO fear! Then walked back to an oven full of hot dinner.

Roast Chicken, baked potaotes, peas and Challah bread (which is INFANITELY better then the recipe I make).

We kept Monkey up for the first reading and then after she tucked into bed we had our Memorial Service. Which is always especially touching in Jerusalem. We ended by singing the 2 hymns that the Goons know well and then they were tucked into bed as well.

Now everyone but me are asleep, typical! I was exhausted 2 hours ago and now can't fall asleep!

Tomorrow is another easy day and then we will have 2 busy days before leaving for our place of sojourn,

God Bless

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