Saturday, November 21, 2009


Shabbat is over, and you can tell as the car traffic is picking up outside our living room window. We had a nice slow morning, eggs on toast for breakfast and then packed up the car and off to Tel Aviv we went as it was the closest beach. We drove down and parked in the same parking lot as three years ago, and low and behold our fav cafe is still there in the mni mall on the beach. A latte for D and an iced coffee for me and we were ready to wade through the sand (it is so super fine!) to get our picnic blanket down and get set in. The beach was nice and clean and there really wasn't that many people there considering.

All of us really enjoyed our time there. D and I taking turns taking the older Goons into the water to splash in the waves and the other would stay on the beach and play in the sand with Monkey. She was having an absulote blast using my iced coffee cup to make sand castles.

Princess asked to be buried, so we did and she kept giggling and it was very funny.

We headed back to give the sandy Goons baths and then took them to this really nice park across the road from our living room window.

Came home and made dinner. Pastries, potatoes & corn YUM!

We had been planning to walk up to Ben Yehuda street for cafe Afulk and pastries but we are too tired. I finally fell asleep around 1:30 am (a lot on my mind) and the sun has exhausted all of us.

We are about to do the readings (read Jonah 1 on our was to Tel Aviv = Yafo) and are doing Nehemiah with the Goons right now.

The older two are currently working on their scrapbooks and Monkey keeps rubbing Magoo's head and saying "Hi, Hi" and when they say "Hi" back she starts jabbering away in her own little made up language.

We are off early in the morning (God willing) for Megiddo.

God Bless & Li La Tov

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Mother By the River said...

So cute how Monkey tries to interact with her brother! :)