Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Again

Or should I say Shalom! Yes, we have been absent online for just over two weeks, but a needed break was essential to get everything running again on the homefont in our little place of sojourn this side of the Kingdom. The flight home went really well, considering. Helper fell asleep right away and slept for a solid 9-10 hours, Magoo fell asleep after they served dinner (at 12:30 am!) and slept on and off for about the same. Monkey slept (flinging herself about in Mummy's arms) for about 8 hours waking here and they basically switched right away back to "Canada Time" as we have taken to calling it. Thankfully they were all happy and well behaved on the plane. We were so very thankful to have a happy and cheerful, simply wonderfuls Sister in Christ pick us up with a smile on her face.... at 5:30 in the monring! This made the arrival back a lot happier then it would have been, having left our home in Israel to come back to the land of ice and snow (well none yet, but I digress). We stopped of a MUCH NEEDED Starbucks on the way and then she dropped us home and headed straight for her day teaching at CHC....yeah she;s one of those Proverbs 31 kinda Lady that puts the rest of us, okay > ME to shame!

We walked in and were surrounded by the love of family. 2 bouquets of flowers on the kitchen island, groceries in the fridge. Dessert and dinner already made! It was such a nice welcome back from them.

So everyone settled in and Magoo kept commenting that "there is no sun in Canada Mummy" which was no all that helpful! Needless to say the children never napped that day so Daddy and Mummy were up for basically 48 hours straight!

The only catch of the whole day was finding black mold growing in the fridge and the smell had travelled up to the freezer so we had a throw out everything in the freezer and clean with bleach and then soap and vinegar.

It was wonderful to fall into bed that night, finally after a long 48 hours, well I think we got to bed at 47.5 but whose counting.

Now we have gotten back into the routine of CHC, Sunday school (the play was last week and went very well), everyday chores, piano lessons and preparing for the first ever Ontario Winter Bible School. Which we are very excited about! Today I finalized the plan for the children's class we are doing and it is focused on our vision and hope of the Kingdom. Such a thrilling topic. Thankfully even though we don't have snow they have a meter up North! So if anyone is reading this and going (cause no one leaves comments and mentions latter they read I have no idea who may glance at this) bring your stakes and sleds!

So the next two weeks will be on the verge of insanity but good spiritual busy insanity! We finally moved all the pictures and video from D's work laptop to the home computer so we aim to post 5 pictures each day for the next couple weeks of our trip to Israel to share with you all.

May God bless you in the study of His word of Truth!

Monkey crashed before we even drove out of the airport! Helper fell asleep soon after but Magoo was too excited to sleep!

I love this shot of Magoo helping Daddy by pushing a pram full of bags.
He is turning into a little man! The airport is really neat you go down this ramp as you arrive and departures are on the other side of the glass walking up.

Our first day in Jerusalem, the children simply loved playing around
the Roman pillars in the Cardo area.

The Kotel (our first of three visits, the second was for the
Rosh Chodesh march and the third was while sheltering from the rain on the last day)

Lunch on the first ful day there. Hummus on Challah bread rolls with letuce, mini cucumbers and the such like. I think Monkey is in bed in this picture!

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Naomi said...

Hey great topic for your kid's class! The place you stayed in looks so nice!