Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh dear, is it really Sunday night already!

Yes, I know the whole "posting a few pics a day" just simply didn't happen last week, appologies! This week I will try my best. We have been insanely busy, but a joyful insane busy! Thursday was Magoo's last day before Winter Break at CHC. So that afternoon extra plans for fun and friends started with The Cousins over for hot chocolait (with candy canes stirred in to make it mint!) and plates full of coloured mini marshmellows, cookies, gingerbread boys, muffins and the table was completely with the sounds of rioteous laughter reached its peak! I felt uplifted afterwards because of such nice and missed chats with a very dear sister in law and Auntie Loving Kindness (the latter of which babysat in the evening so that we go out for a joint B-day dinner!)

Friday brought on the cookies exchange. 8 adults and 23 kids and LOTS of SUGAR. It was fun I think we did too much having to fit in the piano lesson and cleaning as well. Next time we'll drop the cleaning!

The weekend has been full of the usuals, the blessed routine of congregating to worship our Father and for fellowship afterwards. I felt terrible at the momment that I realized I'd left the strawberry jam that a certain dear sister was going to take for me to her Mother out West....oh dear my brain was not awake this morning.

Today the children impressed us, they sat for Memorial and then in the car for a 4 hour round trip to pick up a used - new to us stove (KichenAid!) and then straight to sit through Bible Class (and a very good one on Esther!)

After all that you are wondering "and where are the photos!"

They will follow!

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