Monday, December 14, 2009

Why oh why does blogger load the photos in the reverse order that you select them? Oh well, so this is our day in Haifa but backwards!

This is Tel Dor where we went swimming at the end of the day. The actual Tel (or the archaeological ancient site for those who don't know what a "Tel" is) is on the top of the hill and under the water under the point of the hill. We really wanted to go up and hunt around the ruins but time was the enemy as was our exhaustion by the time we got here.

This is at the "Illegal Immigration Museum" The kids are standing in front of an actual ship that they used for Aliyah B as it was called. A was the British approved Aliyah and the B is for the secondary groups that made it to the shores of Israel during the Mandate period after WW2 when the Jews basically had no where to go but home! Usually you can go into the ship and it is all set up as it was back then but it was closed for renovations ;-(

Here are the 2 Goons inside an Israeli Navy Sub....they had audio playing to mimic a battle.

I thought this comic published at the time of the so called "white paper" during the Mandate period was a perfect representation of what was going on.

This is a Israeli Naval Patrol boat that Daddy took the kids into while Mummy watched Monkey play with rocks.

They had a great movie and display about the camps at Cyprus. After surviving the horror of WW2 the British put all the Jews that they caught coming into the land "illegally" and put them into camps on the island of Cyprus, a very said and disturbing time in history.

The Girls and I and my humongous hips!

This is the Sub that we went into...very cool!

This is the view of the full ship that they had that was under renos. It was a really neat museum as there was so much actual things to see and touch. Even terrorist boats and such that they have captured. They even had the wheel of the Arab ship they caught full of missiles and such smuggling to the so called palestinians...but why them calling themselves that is wrong and not historical is another blog post in itself! I will simply refer to them as Arabs.

Well that's it for today!

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Danielle said...

I have enjoyed some of your Israel posts! What a great time you must have had! You certainly seem to know your way around. I like your family silhouette...I got my own!!