Saturday, March 09, 2013


Yup, this is our first official post about our family trip to France :-)

And before any of you lovelies freak out that I'm going to post that we are leaving next week - stop the freak out, someone is house-sitting so ha! no new breaking stories about our place being burglarized because of this post!

Back to the post....

Truth be told, when this all came up about 3 weeks ago I lost it. I mean completely fell apart with "oh my goodness what am I going am I going to......but I don't barely speak any...there are four of them....."teary mess. Everyone else was all twittery with excitement over my "chance of a lifetime" and "what a wonderful opportunity for the children" and "Oh I wish I could do that" and on the other had there I was with visions of news headlines dancing in my head.

"Mother of Four losses all children on Metro"
"Child found left on train in France travelled all the way to Hungry"
"Canadian children kidnapped in France"
"Mother of four losses mind at the Louvre"

lovely thoughts aren't they? YES I was having full out panic attacks.

So after prayer and prayer and taking some safety measures I feel a lot better about this.

What safety measures you ask? "J'ai perdu ma mere, je suis Canadian" so they get taken to the embassy and a pickpocket slash proof travel bag. Yup I'm a freak :-)

So the packing has begun. By which I mean, the re packing since four helpers are determined to help and make their mark on this trip. So I put some things in and Helper re-organizes them in the bag, and Magoo asks why we need to pack more then 2 shirts and then Baby unpacks them and then Monkeys gives Baby the toy that I was keeping for the plane to Baby to keep her occupied.

someone get me coffee!

So after 2 days we have 1 suitcase packed. Of course it is the suitcase with the three oldest's clothing - baby doesn't have enough for me to pack her and leave her to wear the leftovers. She'd be hanging out in her diaper for a few days and even though it got up to 8C today, its still a bit nippy to do that!

maybe next time I'll post the crazy list that I'm using for packing for 6 weeks.

-WHAT- did you read that right SIX WEEKS

yes my friends - I need to figure out some way to keep everyone happy and not bored for 6 weeks and get this all they really want to take are their books......the entire Billy Bookcase amount of books. Books are very we are weaning the down to 10 each.

which equals 40 books

and I really would like to fit in my Quest by bro. L Ritmyer....just a wee thing of 2 in.

well off I go to attempt to pack myself before sleep.


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