Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Will I make you terribly envious if I tell you that I'm sitting here typing away with a cuppa and a chocolate croissant? Hubby is so wonderful and brought back 10 from a place near his work! 10! Be still my heart! (fyi the pic below was taken when the sun came out for the 1st time since we arrived around 3pm from our kitchen window - we are on the 6th floors in the attic)

Sorry, that was a digression wasn't it. Now to our day, we had a home day today. I think that it actually works quite well having home days in between outing days. The forecast was for thunder storms on and off all day long, so we delayed the playground visit and enjoyed being cozy in our ship in the sky (as Helper and I both think it feels like). All the monkeys were up within a minute, literally a minute, of Daddy leaving for work so it gave us a good start to our day. I will admit I was having a bit of a tough time to rushing as is my normal practice. But that is one of the benefits of being away. I need to get weaned off of the North American addiction to rushing about all day!

Homeschooling was seen to, and Magoo even got one lesson ahead on English! While the older two worked away in the dining room, Helper was "helping" me with the washing and we got through a good amount. Every one's unmentionables, the children's shirts, sweaters and Hubby's dress pants. The last of them are draped over the ceramic towel dryer as I type :-)

After lunch, of what we thought was chicken noodle soup but was really a thick vegetable soup with noodles in it (odd?) we headed out for our every 2nd day grocery shop. And we found the most wonderful bakery....the baguette were 2 and a half feet long! So we of course HAD to purchase TWO! and yes, they are gone ;-) Magoo is quite the professional market cart puller now and very pleased with this responsibility. The baguette wouldn't fit of course so he was a bit concerned that other things would fall out, such a serious wee man about everything! This time, we did make a list and TAKE the list.

But we had a fussy pot in the stroller who seems to take great delight in screaming the moment we walk into a shop. So the list was left in the front right pocket of my jeans and the shopping was done without it. This meant that extra cookies were bought, and 4 things forgot. we also had a music history lesson up by the academy of music looking over all the statues of the composers - Magoo was distraught that there was no Handel to be found!!! The first of the postcards were purchased and back we went.

So we had to go out again. AFTER Miss fussy pots had a brief but indeed essential nap. Why did we have to go back out you ask? why hot chocolate mix was on the list - a necessity in this household :-)

On our second foray out into our wee area of Paris, we decided to have a peak in the windows of the toy shop we had seen before. So off we went, and behold....a gate was open....and we went in....and it was an entire mall of TOY STORES!

There was a lego store, a playmobile store, a craft store, a teddy store, a doll store, a model car & plane store and a store with all those expensive models animals that they carry in chapters...and more. So we were able to window shop for ages inside (while Mummy checked out the prices and was pleased to see that they are not ridiculous - we shall be back for a certain Miss' Birthday gift!). Well we window shopped for ages until that same little person as yesterday needed the loo! Quick exit was made and bearings gotten and with the compass pointing straight for home we headed off at a fast trot.

The rest of the day was spent with the kidlets playing a very silly and very loud game of doctor. Dinner prep, snack of baguette and nutella with hot chocolate. Yes I know that seems decadent, but we are in Nutella land!

Did you know nutella was invented in the second world war? There was a lack of cocoa so Ferro Roche decided to try to mix it with crushed hazelnuts since he had an orchard and as they say - voila!

Since chocolate seems to bookend this post I'll leave it there.

Until tomorrow
Bon Nuit (pic of the monkey's looking for Daddy to come home)

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