Sunday, March 24, 2013

Le BatoBus

Our adventure on river was nice. Though I couldn't help but thinking how nice it would be if we didn't have the four monkeys with us. The Batobus has 8 stops, and you can get on and off at any on the ride. we walked down and caught it at the Louvre. Well we almost caught it, there was one right there while we purchased our tickets and they waited for the family in front of us, and then left. Fine then. So we had a walk on la Siene and Mummy had numerous heartattacks. There is NO RAIL inbetween you, or your child.....your accident prone clueless adsentminded child and the rushing river. Oy. Notice in the rail!!!! we saw the actual lock bridge and then turned around and caught the next Batobus.

For the first half an hour the children enjoyed the sights, the many neat houseboats, resturant boats and the amazing bridges and the Tour Eiffel. Then first Sausage got bored and within one more stop, Monkey was complaining "I'm bored, when can we get off" "this is boring" - argh (again see the picture, Magoo all intent on the sights, Monkey busy sucking her thumb!). So the parents decided, at the point that sausage started screaming - which I'm sure was to everyone on boards delight - that we would get off at Notre Dame.

Um no. There were thousdands (and I really wish we had a picture of this) and thousands of people sitting on the side of the river, the roads were shoulder to shoulder people ramed in, the bridges covered with even more people. Obviously something was going on, and obviously we were not getting off with our four children and a stroller and tyring to find a cafe in that crowd. So we stayed on (much to the supreem delight of the other passengers) until Jardin De Plantes. It turns out that Notre Dame had new bells and was going to be rung at 5pm for the first time in over 200 years. We passed by on the boat five minutes before then and didn't hear a thing. Yes there were naughty Man of Sin comments made ;-)

Off we got and the park found. What is it with this country where one is supposed to looka t the grass and not play on the grass - yeesh. But we found an area where they could play tag, and since it was after 5pm we picked up fries for the Monkeys, cappuchinos for the parents (mine was gulped in about 2 gulps as my nerves were absulotely shoot). Then we missed the boat back. Oy. Red light, green light kept the monkeys entertained until the next one came, which was thankfully in 15 min and not the 25 expected and then we headed home.

Roast chicken, beans & fried potatoes were for dinner. Chocolate pudding & kinder eggs for dessert :-) The kidlets are collecting Astrix & Oblix characters out of them ans so far we have an army of Oblix's and only 1 other guy - the cheif.

Well I can smell our lamb dinner burning so off to save that and get ready to dial in for Memorial.

A bientot

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