Friday, March 15, 2013

Salut mes amies!

In an answer to prayer our traveling day is done and it all went well. Chaos had ensued in our house the day before our due departure as sickness was discovered and bleaching of the house begun! But thankfully Hubby was able to take off Thursday morning and so even though we were literally packing up to (actually a few past) the minute that the airport shuttle pulled into our driveway - we have arrived in Paris.

What a day full of prayer. I am a very anxious traveller, especially to Europe, and with four wee ones in our care it was simply heightened. |There were a couple annoyances at the airport but not the children's fault at all - silly airport issues that couldn't really be helped.

We had been hoping that by travelling on the Thursday we would have an empty plane, but no such luck - it was full to bursting! So we were seated myself and Helper on one side (with a man at the window), Daddy and Monkey across the aisle from us with Sausage on his lap for take off, and Magoo behind them. Not the best, but we made it work. Even with the crazy man seated behind us! This guy had his earphones blasted so we could hear the heavy metal (yuck!) and using our seats as a drum kit. At one point I decided that if he woke up Sausage - he could get her back to sleep! oy!

The one wonderful thing was that Sausage had a bassinet to lay in - even though she choose to sleep ONLY on Mummy....she played in it for an hour before landing. And Air France is very good with children....special meals and special FREE kits in a bag with toys (puppets, cards, etc) and colouring and postcards and everything!

After we landed. We had a bit of a blurp. We had decided to stay on the plane until everyone was off and then get ready to get off....only to be told that they were about to shut the door!!! panic! so off we got when Monkey realised she had left her carry on bag on the I ran back (with Baby) and got to use my french "arretz s-v-p, mes enfant a lassies sa bagage" got it and off we went. Well I nearly had a heart attack. And then Daddy & the girls were stuck on the other side of the locked door. Oy.

All that sorted and bags picked up. We enjoyed our first taste of France for breakfast with "pain du chocolate" (chocolate stuffed croissants) and cappuchinos for the parents and just for the chidlren. Yes the cappuchinos were a rip off at 3.60 euros each but at that point we were both going on no (well I had slept for 30 min) sleep and it was the beginning of the day here in France.

Taxi van picked us up and hauled us into the center of the city to our is a dream apartment. A loft room fro Magoo & use as a play room in the day time. 2 bedrooms.....but we thought it had a has a DISHWASHER> huge difference. Though maybe I'll try running the jeans through the pot cycle....think it'll work?!?

But since it is in a lovely part - SAFE part of the city and we feel comfortable here we are staying and figuring washing clothing will get sorted - worse comes to worse there is always the bath tub and elbow grease ;-)

After naps and an hour walking around getting our barrings and keeping ourselves awake. We discovered 2 grocery stores on our road, an office depot AND the grocery store sells almond milk! wonders never cease!

there were interesting moments, like when I opened up the meatballs in the middle of making dinner and discovered that there were only 10 inside.....but all in all it was an amazing day, all thanks to our Heavenly Father.

Until tomorrow....
Bon soir

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