Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Such a Fun Day

Yesterday started out with all the usuals. Laundry done in the sink times 2, homeschooling, you know the usual. Then after lunch we headed out for some fun. Hubby had a business dinner so I wanted to make sure the A) the kidlets had fun and B) they got tired.

We wrapped up - well, as much as we coud seeing as the weather was supposed to be warm and it has been very chilly. That damp, wet chilly that cuts through your spring rain jacket in no time like in England. About every second day we long for our winter jackets. Whomever said that Paris in the Springtime is lovely must be meaning Spring - as in May and not Spring as in March!

So the high was 5C. Yup thats it. So we layered with sweater and jacket and out we went. We went to the little playground nearby that Magoo had spotted - and the age limit was 2-6! Obviously that wouldn't work, so Monkey had a wee climb and then we headed off again for the Tulleries. The playground got an hour of good solid dedication and then since Sausage was chilled to the bone we headed to the Carousel. Right as we walked up to buy our tickets the man left because it was lunch and so we headed off to find a loo and somewhere to warm up! The line up for the free loo at McDonalds was up the entire staircase and around a bend so we crossed the road and went upstairs to the Starbucks one. No line :-) Yes I required ALL of them to go. Hey its a free loo and somewhat clean. Then we re-crossed to get coffee as I am cheap and the McCafe Cappuchino is nearly 1/2 the price of the Starbucks one. They also had Macaroons, 6 for the price of 4, why thank you....but we had to sit outside since it was so busy. And to be frank, the macaroons tasted like sawdust compared to the ones at our neighbourhood pastry shop.

So we headed back to the gardens through the front gates and BEHOLD we saw a marvelous sight. Le Bateau man was walking down the side path with with his adorable wooden cart loaded with hand carved and silk wonders. Just an fyi, they are only 1 Euro for 20 minutes instead of the 3 Euros that they are across the river. So they each got one, and he just happened to give them all their favourite colours. Red & Orange for Captain Magoo, Purple & blue for Helper and finally yellow for Monkey. Sausage and I watched and when we realized that we had gone over time, he Merrily shooed us and our euros away saying that they could have them for as long as they liked since no other children were there.  After an hour of Sausage longing to join the ducks wadding in the pond, we left and headed back to the carousel. Another kind gentleman - he said that since we had to come back after his lunch, the children could have 3 rides instead of 2. They were thrilled. Sausage not so much. By this time she was wearing white socks for mittens and wrapped up in her blanket while Mummy bribed her to be good with halves of M&Ms !!!

Needless to say she was carried home instead of fighting in her stroller. It was three gleeful yet sleepy children that piled into the 3ft x 4ft elevator. Chaud Chocolat was a necessity to get the blood flow back to icicle fingers, and put a blush back onto white faces.

(and yes I have looked and looked for hats and mittens but all the shops are selling spring stuff!)

Story time, dinner of chicken corden blue & the Luke reading completed our day and they were tucked in nice and early for a solid sleep.

Today is just a regular teething screaming day. Sausage is going to be taking home a souvenir of eye-teeth when we are done. So our homeschooling is done - with a bit of frustration today I will admit - and we are about to head out to run errands (Baker, Pastry Shop, Postcard Mailing, Grocers, cappuchino...........well I guess I could make mine at home!).

Le Musee D'Orangrie has been postponed to a slightly warmer and hopefully happier baby day of tomorrow :-)

A Bietnot

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