Sunday, March 24, 2013


We decided to have a second attempt at ascending the Arc De Triumphe. This time via le Metro :-) so off we all went, after the usual triple checking that we had our keys, cell phones, Metro tickets, Kids metro tickets, keys (again), Euro coins for emergency toilet trips, regular Euro bills (but not to many in case we get pick pocketted - is that even a word?), stroller, front pouch for Miss Fussy Pots, diaper, wipes, snacks for kidlets, gluten free snacks for Sausage, rain jackets (Paris is has the most humerus weather patterns in a 24 hr period) and 4 kids.

The signs signaling that all the metro stops in the close vicinity to the Arc were closed "for maintenance" should have alerted us to the fact that something was up. It didn't.

So we all got on, and re-figured out where we would get off and where we would need to walk. And out we popped from the rabbit hope and up we walked (again) the Champs Ellyses. We passed the cheapest Postcards we've seen yet so the children picked out their weekly one and we kept going. About a block after the postcard place, we started noticing police vans, at least a dozen....and an abundance of police all alone the street. It soon became apparent that we would not be going up the Arc (again). I'm having deja vue! So after confirming that it was only closed for today because some super important yet un-named person was visiting the site, we went to McCafe to get a cappuchino for Daddy and the kidlets had the mini cakes we had packed into the amazing purse. Yes I know we are in Paris and we are going to McCafe. But the price is half that of Paul's in the tourist areas and in the regualr areas a good Euro to .50 off!

Onto the Metro we went and came home in time for them to catch up in their journals and to get ready to dial into Memorial. We enjoyed the exhort and then got all choked up at the closing hymn (101) about God being with us "at home and abroud". Then Monkey cried, because she is mssing her friends and then Helper did a few hours latter before bed. So I think we need to start calling home more often for the chidlren to chat to their friends!

It is going to be cold again this upcoming week. Highs of only 5 or 7 and below zero for the lows so we may attempt a museum or 2 :-)

For those that know us in "real life" we are feeling comfortable with using the Metro and our feet as transport now. The last week our spare time has been spent exploring all the little roads and alleyways around here and some treasures have emmerged (such as our favourite bakery and a toy store). Getting a  handle on your whereabouts is so useful, especially when you get turned around! Magoo spotted a small (5 ft by 5 ft) climbing rope thing by a nearby fountain (where the grass is all fenced off!) that we will definately avail ourselves of this upcoming week. We need to start their Art projects so at least the Orangdrie will be on the list to see the Water Lillies.

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