Saturday, March 16, 2013

So apparently people in Paris like to party Friday nights!

Yup, until 4 am. In the apartment across the road from us. Positive spin - 5 of us slept.

Our day today started with Sausage with a fever, a high one at that. So we hung out at the apartment and the children played with the toys and such that we brought. We unpacked the suitcases while Daddy was out on his run (to across the river from the Eiffel Tower) and all the little ones enjoyed finding drawers and such in the built in wardrobes to put their clothes away. Unpacking yielded some surprises.....Magoo only has 4 pairs of socks and undergarments. Opps, guess I forgot to finish there. And Mummy has 14 shirts and 5 that's where they were! While I was packing I couldn't find my fav ones and dug out some old ones to bring and voila, they were prepacked. But this is good since we don't have a washing machine (!!!!!)

After lunch we remembered that tomorrow is Sunday (feels like we lost a day) so Magoo and I headed out to buy a few more groceries..........since we forgot to make a list yesterday, so we made a list today, but then we forgot the list............I digress. We thought we went the right way for the butchers (and yes I had been practicing how to ask for a leg of lamb before we left with google translate) and though it WAS the correct street, we didn't go down it far enough. Then we went right to go down the next street to get back to our street...........forgetting that this doesn't work in Paris - not at all - and had to take another zig zag and then travel through "les passages" shopping mall thing, and then recognised la Bourse so headed that way to get to our street. All in all, a fun adventure :-)

MonPrix we know is the more expensive grocery store, but it is down the road from us and has everything we that is fine for right now. picked up everything (and yes we remembered everything) plus some Astrix & Obolix kinder eggs for a treat for the children's dessert and headed home.

And for those that know us in "real life" yes, we felt safe the whole time and though I knew we were turned around a bit I wasn't worried.

After getting home and waking up the girls we set off for our daily trot. we headed down a nearby street and walked the 1km to the Louvre :-), ignored the pests tying to sell Eiffel Tower junk, went inside to ask about the family rate (50% off for kids) and a boo in the children's museum shop so I could pick out some things that they could choose from on a latter date (for example the pencils and erasers were only a euro each) We have found that helpful, especially with Monkey as she has no concept of what things cost. So when we go, I can now tell them that they can pick out either a pencil or eraser when we are done.

Peaked at la Seine and offered to take the kids through the Tulleries but they were hungry and so we walked home. Late dinner of Quiche Lorraine (SO CREAMY), salad & Brussels sprouts around 7, Bible readings and now they are tucked up in their Parisian beds :-)

Bon Soir

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