Monday, March 18, 2013

What a day

When the sunset and the kids were tucked into bed, I was so happy to see this day end! Sausage woke up with a fever, again. So whoosh out the window flew our plans for the day and instead we were stuck in the apartment. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely and very nice apartment, but for 3 active kids that are used to having 2 acres to run wild....and I do mean WILD....around in, it is getting a bit old hat as they say. So instead we got some jobs done. Right after breakfast (and I broke the news to them that we weren't going anywhere today-they were so good about it all) we got out our homeschooling and got down to work. Monkey was pleased to have some pages to do as well, but as seems to be a daily occurrence right now--Mummy discovered what was left at home. again. By our estimation we have left the equivalent of half a suitcase at home.

So the morning was filled with taking temperatures and re taking the same temps, and googling this odd fever that keeps coming and going and coming again. I know, I know at home I wouldn't be worried, but the nearest hospital is 30 mintues away by Metro and until this evening I had no phone.

Magoo finished his Hardy Boy book and we started reading "Little House on Rocky Ridge" together. The kids played with their minimal toys, and then after lunch we headed out to get groceries - an every two day ritual. But that's good because it will keep us going out and being busy :-) Yes I took Sausage out with a fever, it was now a low grade fever and it was either go down a couple blocks to get food or not eat until Hubby got home - and since that was likely to be after 7pm, that was not possible.

I'd like to introduce you to my new best friend, this thing is amazing. it has three wheels on the bottom of both sides you so can actually roll it up the stairs. So off we went. My new best friend, 3 hyper active "get us out of here" children and a sick baby with a stroller. The basket fit on the stroller and I held sausage and we "just" managed to squeeze into the elevator. So I sent the three brimming with energy to walk down the 6 floors - with STRICT instructions to be quiet. They have no idea that we need to be mindful that other people are living in the building - oy.

And thou shalt be amazed - we remembered our list! ha! Off we went to the cheaper shop (not monoprix), where my visa doesn't work apparently (yes I tried again for the 3rd time today and between my french and his English discovered that their machine only accepts EU visa cards). But we were prepared for that. What we weren't prepared for was the throng of hungry peoples on their lunch. But the kidlets behaved, sausage only started screaming halfway through our short shop. And Mummy managed to only forget bananas! Since Sausage was content again in her stroller, Magoo pulled the Best Friend and off we went to Office Depot. Yes, they have one, and a subway, and a kfc, and well isn't that disgusting - or am I the only one that abhors seeing all the same shops over here too!

They had notebooks for the girls journals (3.60 euros for the CHEAPEST and the ones we left at home were bigger and only $1) but the girls are happy, no stickers or craft supplies like we discovered we had left at home. But I figure we will make do and I can always google that too!

(Google is my second best friend here I am discovering!)

The afternoon was spent writing in their journals, and playing. We folded up Magoo's bed up in the loft to give them some more "hang out" space which they loved. They even got piano practice in :-) Baths followed, and anyone planning on travelling with small kids - go to the dollar store and get a package of the bath foam letters & numbers - so worth the $2.

While all that was going on and Sausage slept off some of her fever, Mummy was scrubbing socks. Remember the 4 pairs Magoo has. Well he was down to 1. So we got a system going where we filled one sink with hot soapy water, the other with clean boiling water and rolled up my sleeves and got to it. Thankfully they have those wall towel dryer thing-a-ma-bobs (useful description, no?) and so the socks and such are dry. So our plan is to to shirts tomorrow and pants Thursday at the laundry mat.

Thankfully sausage's fever has broken and we enjoyed a large snack to hold us over until Daddy was home for dinner at 7:30. The kids, Helper in particular finds the fact that we are eating our hot meal at lunch time, very amusing.

God willing, tomorrow will be better. Either we are heading to the flower market on the Island, or the insane playground at the Tuileries (which from one blogger's description is a Mother's panic attack).

Bon Nuit

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