Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slow down!

About a month ago my mom made the comment out of the blue that I should slow down and not rush so much and see if it had any impact on the children.

Well, I haven't noticed any huge change with them, but man alive (should I say woman alive?!?) Huge changes with me.

Our society glorifys busy. Really it does. If we are constantly rushing about doing busy things then it is assumed that what you are doing is important and that you are an important person. But really - really - I don't think that is always true.

In order to slow down in life you have to do two things. Prioritize. Waste less time. That simple. So do I get enough done? the old me would be throwing a hissy fit around about now- you know the kind, the screaming thrashing about on the floor, kicking kinda fit.

So is the house spotless - ha no. Well it never was but I used to spend so much time on it. Purge the junk. Prioritize (in other words - bathrooms and kitchen!) and voila.

Are we eating gourmet meals - ha no. (again). Prioritize (healthy, heavy on the veggies). Waste less time (stick with what you know how to cook during the school week - also cook enough meat to use for two meals at once)

Am I looking like a stylish model. HA NO. (yet again). Prioritize (reading the book to the kids - yes) waste less time (purge the closet makes getting ready so much faster)

A few more things we've found helpful...

-Allow an hour per errand. Even if it is just "running" out for a stamp - with a 1 & 4 & 7 & 9 yr olds this could actually take an hour!
-Less "keeping everyone busy" outings. Library once a week - perfect, feeling like inorder to be "mom of the year" you have to have fun stuff planned for every second of every day - nah!
-Weekly Meal Plan
-less wired time
-more reading to the kids less reading for yourself (okay how about nearly none)

the result-a much calmer mom (I was going to write calm but that would be stretching it a wee bit thin) and hence a much calmer and well run home enviroment :-)

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