Monday, February 04, 2013

Count your blessings, Name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done!

Well the oldest blessing is a diligent hard worker. Willing to spend hours on math and spelling homework. He has a tender heart that is easily bruised - but most often is bruised in the concern for others. A protective big brother who doesn't mind playing Strawberry shortcake when wee sisters ask. His love for the Truth and God's word is seen through out the day.

The next down the line is a little lady. Kind hearted yet prim and proper is this blessing. Reading to her sisters brings her joy, making tea parties and including her younger sister when baking with her easy bake oven puts a smile on her face. Her love of God's way shows in her tears when she or another goes astray....and her trust in God is above all - chasing away any fears at all

Monkey follows close behind her older sister....she loves her so much and wants to be big just like her, yet 2 different sisters one could never find. However what binds these two together is the Word of Light and the working out of God's commands in daily life. She has embraced the responsibility of now being a BIG sister, looking out for Baby and playing with her. Stickers, Sparkles, Play dough and l-o-n-g cuddles with good books paint a smile on her face.

Baby is no longer a babe, over a year old already! Scrunchy noses, tea parties with a singing tea pot, books and following the monkeys makes her laugh all day long. Sausage (as she is lovingly called) simply adores to colour, and colour she would all day far on paper but Mummy knows that the wall is calling for some decoration in the near future, whenever eyes are not focused on her she will no doubt try it out. Giggles, laughing, cuddles and fun.

Such marvelous blessings we have been blessed with!

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Erica YLDistributor said...

Hello, I just came across your blog today and want to say that I love your heart for your children. I am newly married and look forward to having children someday. I love meeting with and connecting with other moms and hearing their words of wisdom. :)