Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Decision Made

Well, not really, the first decision was to keep the monkeys at home when the school moves and embrace homeschooling.

The second was to decide to stop being angry and bitter about it all and except it all.

The third was to start seeing and actively looking for the positives in this new change that is coming.

So I guess, its actually the fourth ! ha!

Anyways, we have ordered our science curriculm...."Answers in Genesis" had all 4 years worth on sale for the price of just over 2 so we decided (wow, we're doing a lot of that around here) to order all four years because even if we only homeschool for a year and call it quits, we are planning on it when they are older and we can use it then.

So excited! I was gleefully laughing and grinning like some crazy lady, so Magoo kindly commented "Mum, I think you are too excited" but I can understand his comment, after all he sees it as WORK and I see it as a great exploration into the amazing and sometimes wacky world of science.

And you know what (you total of 4 peoples that even read this) the peace that we have felt since clicking that order button has been incredible. And - no- it was not "retail therapy" peace!

Finally excepting, through prayer, the path that God is leading us down - well man alive kicking against the pricks wasn't bringing no peace now then wasn't it!

Peace, such a powerful and wonderful feeling :-)

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angela said...

I really believe everything happens for a reason. Enjoy the time with your babies I'm sure you will all get lots out of it