Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh Dear

I do believe it is going to be "one of those days" Magoo had a bad ashmah attach this morning at 6:45am, and now lies in bed not feeling well. So he is home from school, and I am aiming to work on some blends with him latter, and maybe a game of "Jericho Cards" to work on his numbers.

Princess has a great immune system so she just has a cough.

Sprout has been sick for a week, and until the kids woke up sneezing and coughing (and not breathing) I thought it was just part of her teething, but it isn't. Last night the 2 or 4 teeth that as nearly through came in. It takes her a whole week of no sleeping and screaming 24 x 7 to bring in 1 tooth, so I reckon we have 2 more weeks of this.

Oh dear, This is such a "sorry for myself" post.

Princess is asking for cuddles so I must sign off, in my "spare time" I'll try to post some pictures of the Goons enjoying the snow! Man do we have a lot of it again this year!

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