Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh dear

I am "one of those" people that likes complete and total fulfillment RIGHT NOW! yep, generation whatever that has no patience....I know not exactly a Christ like attitude (need to work on that). So I've decided enough is enough, this baby fat has got to come off. So my weight lose goal is 15 lbs. Two weeks of kicking my butt with Pilates Cardio (6 days a week, 45 min) and really watching what I eat and so far I've realized a total lose of:

2 lbs

ARGH! so frustrating! The temptation to give up is so strong! but I must persevere as there is a wedding in mid-May we are attending and well, I would like to get a new dress.


Danielle said...

Don't give up:-) I always have to use weights to loose weight...I can do tons of cardio and not loose a pound.

Beth said...

Keep up the good work! 2lbs is 2lbs! Using weights is a good idea. I have some good exercises with weights if you're interested...