Thursday, February 05, 2009

"O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me." Psalm 30:2

Just a quick post today. Since the children have been so under the weather, I've kept Magoo home from CHC both days. He is such a good worker bee (as we like to call it) we just worked together on 2 sheets in his "Letter and Sounds K" A Beka book, and did them so nicely! It is so thrilling to watch his little eyes light up as he sounds out and then recognizes a word!

Now he and Princess are doing some pre-sewing activities that they love! We need to bake the weekly amount of bread this afternoon, and maybe some yummy muffins. That should keep us busy!

In the middle of the day though we are all going to see the doctor. Now I'm not one to take the children in that often. It usually is a stressful experience for me as we disagree with the doctor on some issues. Usually we head into the pediatrician, but he is booked up. The children were all up with their coughs last night, all night! Sprout is wheezing as well, so I'd like to make sure that this is not developing into something more serious like an infection or worse! Mummy has it now, but that's okay cause I'm not so worried about my lungs. Of course we do have 110 pieces of wood to cut tonight to make the 55 scrolls needed for the Study Day on Saturday....just a wee job (wink, wink)


Jenna said...

Scrolls... sounds like a good craft! Hopefully your cutting job will go more quickly than drilling larger holes in 100s of wooden beads like D & A did last year, haha! (It's amazing what people will do for this day for kids!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, have a great evening!