Friday, February 06, 2009

CHC Open House
Magoo's class (K) Presented 3 songs, one of which was doing "Jesus Loves Me" in Sign language. The crowns are from their first song about Christ gathering his jewels when he returns. The last song was a hoot...."wiggle worm"

Then they joined the whole school to sing a hymn for our hymn book
"Who is on the Lord's Side" which incidentally
Hubby and I walked out down the aisle to at our wedding 8 years ago.

After the trip into town for the olive plants doctor's appointments they are all on the mend. Magoo and Sprout are on inhalers and Sprout is on anti-biotics. I am so glad I followed my gut and took them in. Doc said that if Sprout was not on the anti-biotic she would probably had developed pneumonia by the weekend!

As we had to wait an hour for the meds to be filled the Goons and I hit the dollar store (or as my Sis calls it "the 20 dollar store!") to get stickers, glue and such for the crafts for tomorrow. So after we picked up the meds, drove 20 min home, unloaded the 3 Olive plants and got into the house, I realized that I had left the bag from the dollar store in the cart outside the store! OIY! so we loaded back into the car (which takes about 15 min....2 in cars eats and 1 in a boaster) and drove back (another 20 minutes) and lo and behold the cart was gone. After checking 3 stores and finding that it had NOT been turned in I was near tears. It had been one of those days. Princess was being so good about it, see her original tea set had broken in the hospital while visiting Grandpa and we had found a replacement there, and it was in the bag. Anyways we got back into the car and drove across the parking lot (15 min into car seats again!) to the dollar store and SOMEONE HAD TURNED IT IN! I was so relieved!

The day turned wonderful when we arrived home and minutes latter Hubby came in...he was an hour early, getting home at 5:30 instead of 6:30pm~!

I've learnt my lesson, always check the cart....and SLOW DOWN!

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