Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Bed for Magoo!

Grandpa Ray left us some of his furniture, and Magoo is so excited! The Girls have my old bedroom set to use (very girly, not my taste at all, but hey it is free!) and Magoo has been using odds N' ends from around the house, an old black Ikea (fixed twice) dresser from my sister, a cabinet for books from Daniel's work that we got for $5, my old girly princess desk, a cheap Ikea bed we got on sale for $25, an end table from the living room. It was perfectly fine, but hey a free almost brand new bedroom set for our lil man is MUCH appreciated! The movers just called and they will be arriving in about an hour. So we (the Goons and I) moved all his old stuff into Daddy & Mummy's room and we washed the walls and floor in anticipation of the stuff!

I don't know who is more excited, me or Magoo!?! I will definately post pics in a day or so after it is all sorted out.

A very dear friend is coming for Tea as well, so this is turning into the perfect day. Oh and did I mention they are calling for a high of 8 C....time to strap on our running shoes and Wellies and splash all the way to the library!

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