Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Anywho Vix asked about clothing and my reply was so long I decided it would make a great post!
(First here is the new Winter Dress I made for Princes and a matching one from Sprout, which she out grew after wearing twice...!)

Our kids have way to much clothes, we get given them from friends and family at the Eccelsia. Here is some of the things we do in our household to keep it all under "control".

I keep a box that I put "too stained to wear in public" but otherwise fine clothes for camp and the cottage every summer. This helps me get them out of the dresser (where they sit and waste space...and when 2 girls are sharing a dresser space is at a premium!!) and also in the summer I just go through the box and pack it and add whatever we need more of for the trip to the bag, so much easier!

Hubby brings home xerox paper boxes from work (otherwise they get thrown out) and I keep one in both kids rooms in the closet to put out grown clothes into and then put them in the basement when they are full.

Once every month I go through and sort out the excess into "donate to charity" you know the really old stuff that no one would want, and "go to friends" bags and distrubute! Last week we took 4 bags of clothing, old blankets, a couple coats and such to the donation bin in town and took an old playpen and carseat that was perfectly fine to Linda the Library Lady (previous post) who has a friend that works at the pregency center in town.

Here is what I've gutting the kids clothing down to:
2 weeks worth of undies & socks (actually Princess only has 7 pairs, and we must buy more!)
2 weeks worth of t-shirts
10 long sleeved shirts (we live in Ontario it is cold!)
6 max sweaters (inc. 2 nice for Meeting)
1 pair of runners
1 pair of snow boats
1 pair of wellies (rain boots)
1 pair dress shoes
2 snow jackets (keep out the smaller sized one they grew out of incase of an emergency)+ snowpants
2 pairs mittens
2 winter hats
2 sunhats
1 scarf

4 dress shirts for Memorial Service and Bible Class
2 dress pants
2 jeans
2 comfy pants
4 shorts
1 gym uniform
1 CHC regular day uniform (next year he'll need 2)

"Da Girls":
2-4 everyday dresses
4 nice dresses for the above
4 nice tops for Bible Class

Now I'm sure that we could do with less, but our kids take after their Mummy and are very clumsy and make LOTS of messes! It is a huge blessing to past on clothes, and we follow the same, passing on what the next kids in the house do not need. I really don't know how families get one without that!
Here is a precious moment captured, Magoo teaching Princess how to make snow people!


Jenna said...

"Our kids have way too much clothes, we get given them from friends and family at the Ecclesia."

When I read this sentence, I thought, "Oops! I'm one of the guilty!" But then I felt better after I remembered the dress I gave 'Princess' is one of her favorites. :0) It may not fit her this summer, though!

This is the reason I try not to give clothing as gifts. :0} I think everyone has too much clothes and with kids, they outgrow them so quickly, it's hardly worth having more than the essentials. (If you can help it!)

Thanks for posting the pictures - it is neat to see how the flannel dress turned out -- Cute!

LORD willing, perhaps I'll see you this weekend. I'm still debating whether or not I'd like to come out to Apps Mill for at least a couple hours?

Ways of Zion said...

Hi Jenna

I don't mind gifts of clothing....and the dress you gave was one of Mummy's fav too! I was mainly refering to the bags and bag of clothing. If I just wash them all and put them away we end up with too many, so I've been limiting what we keep and increasing what we pass on to others.

We are currently all sick so I don't know what to do with Apps Mill. The Goons are on the mend so I am so hoping that we can go as I am teaching a class and running the bonis store again this year! The Goons will be heart broken if we cannot go!

Michelle said...

I LOVE your little girl's dress! Gorgeous.

As for sickness. Depends on the symptoms. If a fever lasts for more than a week, or if its accompanied by a rash, that's a justifiable reason to go to the doc. But if its sniffles, runny nose, sneezing, that sort of thing, those have lasted for up to 2 weeks with my kids...

It should get better soon.

Ladybugs and Dandelions said...

That dress is beautiful. I really like it!

Jenna said...

You're teaching a class?! I'm guessing you have a helper. If you have the pre-school group, you'll have lots of helpers!

Remember how we ended up with 50+ in our group last year? Wow! I'm so glad we had lots of parents willing to help! (Even still, it was crazy!)

Oh, I understand about the bags and bags... it would be impossible to manage if you didn't pass them on. You've gotten some beautiful, very gently used girls' clothing from one family, though! Such a blessing to have a community with whom you can share. :0)

See you soon!