Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh I have so many topics I would like to write about. But first off last Wednesday was noodle night. Wednesday's are usually noodle night as it is off to Bible Class afterwards for the whole family (we have an amazing cryroom at meeting so taking Sprout is a no brainer). Well I looked at the clock and............ahhhhhhhhhhh...........screamed, inside my head ofcourse ;-) see I only had 20 minutes until Hubby arrived home. Usually I try to have dinner made 15 minutes before he gets home so that I can keep it warm in the oven and have everything cleaned up before he walks in the door. I worte about that idea on Thursday, November 27, 2008 tried to put a link in but couldn't figure it out! I'm hopeless with computer stuff!

sorry that was a bit of a ramble

Well I thought, no problem, and started cooking and veggies only to realize NO GROUND BEEF IN THE FREEZER

(this has never happened before)

So we found 8 breakfast sausages, and long story short, ended up winging it and threw together a new version of alfredo for us:

1) Brown 1 large onion, as many breakfast sausages as you have (we used 8), 4 cloves garlic
2) Add 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1/4C milk
3) Add some green veggie (we used 1C brocolli, but you could use peas or spinach)
4) Add 3/4C shredded cheese & 1/2C sliced mushrooms
5) Stir until cheese is melted and it thickens. Add white floor to thick if still too runny 1 Tbs at a time
6) Serve over cooked penne

P.S. The number for this week is 24 (the 24 courses of priests), the letter is "W" for the whale that swallowed Jonah, the words was "way" & "we" & "God", the Hebrew word and memory verses are still the same, Mummy did a terrible job on those last week :-(

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Tracy said...

I'll have to try this soon!