Friday, January 30, 2009

Linda the Library Lady

Yes, that is what the Goons call her! She is one of the highligths of our week. I used to make the weekly library ritual on "Da Girws Day" as Princess calls it. However Magoo rebelled and stated emphatically that he LOVES library day! So now it is a friday treat before we plung into a home schooling day. Linda the Library Lady has made our library trips so much more meaningful and worthwhile. Over the past 3 years we have gotten into some great conversations about our beliefs, hopes and aspirations. Frequently she will put a book on hold for me when it comes in because she knows that I will enjoy it. Other times I will be looking at a "Christian Fiction" book and she will comment "oh, you won't like that one, it is more of a fluffy romance book" and thus saves me time wasted and discust! It is so nice to have her help in finding good books. She also has learnt by watching what we do and do not allow the chilren to look at and read that we are very picky when it comes to childrens books as well. She even keeps an eye on them and helps them to find a book that "Mummy would like".

Though usually we spend a good hour in there, reading, playing the history DK computer game, working at the interactive center and finding Mummy a with Sprout bringing in 3 teeth at once (yup, she is an over-achiever) we lasted barely 15 minutes.

So Homemade chicken noodle soup is bubbling on the stove and whole wheat bread is sliced and ready to be toasted with cheese....lunch time! and then into the Home schooling day.

Usually there are some worksheets sent home, but this week there wasn't so we will be spending about 20 mintues on math. Magoo is struggling with his "teen" and "twenty" families. Last night we went through the kid drawer (must do a post on that) and found some "Joshua and Jericho" cards to use for math today to make it fun. The house has been scored for pennies as well! Then afterwards we will work on "Learning about the Bible" by Lois Rock and Maureen Galvani. I picked up a copy in the bargin basement of a book shop for $4.99! I tried to show a picture of it but blogger isn't letting me...argh~!

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