Friday, January 09, 2009

Sorry the Posts have been lacking, to put it mildly! I am working on a sister's class on Leviticus my "spare time" for next month.

Today is going so well! (of course that means Sprout is asleep!) we woke up to an ice frost. No, i don't really know how that happens but it does. Everything look so dazzling bright, it was as if God had covered the landscape with silver craft sparkles!

I've decided to slow down and make warm breakfasts more often, instead of eating so much Shredded Wheat (the good ole fashioned no sugar kind) the kids love it since it was Grandpa George's fav. but really, they need some variety! So this morning we made egg, ham & cheese sandwiches and sent Hubby off to work with one and a fresh Mochaichino! The Goons and I then played "dry cleaners" which is an ingenious way to get your kids to LOVE and BEG to help you sort and put away the laundry. We were behind (yep, we are always behind) in putting it away so each kid found and put away the clothing out of the pile. We started with undies & socks and worked our way through the rest. Magoo even hung up his meeting shirts with the help of a stool borrowed from the bathroom! Needless to say I was MOST impressed and thrilled!

Then we headed off to the lovely lil library and yes, we drove instead of walking as Sprout is such a wimp in the cold and I knew that if we walked (fun though it would have been in the winter wonderland) the whole town would have known we were on our way for Sprouts screams! I allowed myself a few books to try out some new authors (it is so hard nowadays to find good clean books) while Hubby is in Delaware next week.

After lunch and "nap" of 20 minutes during which I ended up in giggles listening to the pitter patter of Magoo & Princess's' footsteps...we had a nice long cuddle and story time on the couch and then dove into homeschooling. Magoo missed a day at CHC because he was sick, so we have a lot to catch up on.

Magoo read the first 3 pages of his first ever reader, so thrilling! 4 pages of printing, and 10 pages of blends if only he could do the math work. It is obvious to me doing the flip cards that he is struggling with the 11-20 & 30s (the 21-29 seems fine) and I wish they had told me......we will be working on these a lot now!

Well Sprout is up, she will not nap for longer then 20 min at a time....therefore is miserable...teeth?

Oh dear is it 3 already, time to put the roast in and get the bags ready for little disciples tonight (hmmmm I wonder where their indoor shoes are?!?).

I hope that your day has been as fun as ours has. Magoo just announced he is done his last page (#5) of printing work so we will now celebrate with a pot of local popcorn and milk and sit down to read another chapter of "Little House in the Big Woods".

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