Monday, June 01, 2009

Meaningful Mondays:
A Fine House And Wasted Time

"Let us choose to deny ourselves the questionable pleasure of surrounding ourselves with household ornaments, which consume such an amount of precious time in the taking care of them. We can spend the time to better purpose. We need not seek to please our neighbours in the keeping of our houses. Our standard differs from theirs. A sister's calling required her to regard her house as a convenience in this wilderness state, and not as a thing she is to live for. It is not with her a principal object of attention. She will be careful to keep a clean house and a comfortable house, but a stylish house she has neither time nor taste for. What God requires of her will demand the time, and the skill, and the means, which a fine house would consume of her hands. The will of Christ has the first place in her affection. She looks at some women who profess to be Christ’s, and yet have no time for anything beyond the demands of the house; things of God find no place with them. Bright furniture and spotless carpets seem more to them than Christ fellowshipped in deeds of kindness to comfortless hearts, and the gospel preached to the perishing. The true daughters of Sarah reverse all this, and dispense with much that is considered indispensable in worldly households, because they find that to give such things the attention considered genteel, they must neglect the claims of higher things. Their principle is pre-eminence to the things that belong to God. This indeed, is the only safe rule to follow. It may separate us oftentimes from the “respectable” people so called, but it will place us in the company of apostles and prophets, who were at a discount in their day, because they esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. And we have the joy of knowing that if it gives us their company in the present bitterness, it will ensure for us their glorious society in the day of the manifestation of the sons of God. If we have now the answer of a good conscience, we may indulge in the glorious hope of sharing the honour which awaits all who have in like manner laboured and not fainted. Where then will be the plans and patience bestowed upon the frivolities of fashionable life?" sis. J. Roberts

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Mother By the River said...

That is a great quote and a wonderful reminder. Thank you.

It has never been a temptation for me to make my house fancy until I had my son- then I was sorely tempted to make his room all cute.

It gives one such a nice feeling when a guest comes in and they so "ooh! How nice!"
..but I resisted..
and so when guests come they say "oh! umm.."

I try to keep my house clean and organized but I can tell it throws some people for a loop when they see how un-fancy it is.

Thanks for sharing!