Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meaningful Tuesdays?
Getting Rid of the Dross

What a weekend! The Sunday school picnic at the beach, visiting another ecclesia and spending the day, an excellent exhort on "Happiness" and a great final class on the Psalms. I feel refreshed but weary. One can only do so much! This week is full as well, The CHC open house is today, Magoo has classes as usual on Monday & Wednesday, and the the water park on Thursday. Bible class on Wednesday, Tape class here on Friday, and then there are is all the regular tasks of life, running and home, and training olive plants for Yhwh.

Yesterday while I was sipping my morning cappuchino, I glanced around and was disgusted at the shear amount of stuff laying around. The house wasn't dirty, just full of clutter! I had moved piles off and back onto my desk every time we had to use the computer, moving toys to other ends of the island counter and back again, party decorations still all over the walls. Oh and I will spare you both pictures and description of the mud room! Argh!

So much to go through and get rid of. Yesterday Princess and I started on the study. We had 4 boxes of Bible books for Apps Mill that had arrived over the past 2 months that needed to be put in the corner of the basement. Material, thread bobbins, pin and tape measures had to be gathered from the dining room, study floor and my "desk" and sorted and put in some semblance of order. I'm thinking that I need to get one of those plastic drawer organizers for the sewing materials, they are taking over the study! We dusted as we cleared and actually found treasured items we were missing. Princess' Calico critters (she only has 1 set) turned up, as did Hubby's Messiah music scores. Oh and the books! enough said.

So in between the craziness that this week is turning out to be, we have made it a priority to get this house back in order before the Summer starts with a bang.

But what about our spiritual homes? Christ is definitely at the door, are we getting our house in order for that great day? Are we ready to leave ALL and follow him when we are called to the judgment seat, or are we going to be like Lot's wife and look back with desire at our material possessions? Worldly friends? distracting hobbies?

It is amazing the clarity that children can give you at moments like this. They have both found items to be given "to people that don't have so much stuff Mummy", but they never choose their Bible books to give away! They don't need the instructions to keep the more spiritual items....but I do! So much time is wasted in the pursute of a lifestyle that we were not called to keep. We are called to manifest our heavenly Father, and in doing so, must rid ourselves of that dross. Our trials are sent to help us get rid of the dross, just as gold is purified likewise are His children. That they may possess tried faith.

Take a moment today and read 1 Corinthians 3:9-16. I was going to put it up, but blogger doesn't let you copy and paste anymore.....
So this week we will get rid of the clutter, and by God's grace get rid of the dross as well!

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Morgan said...

I got rid of a lot of clutter recently when moving. I have more to go, I'm sure. It's a good reminder to de-clutter our hearts as well.

I like the name of your blog. I had to click on it when I saw a comment you left on another blog. My son's name is Zion. It's not a name I see anywhere (other than Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah), very often.