Monday, June 22, 2009

Meaningful Mondays:
Way Posts

Such a wonderful and meaningful exhortation yesterday. Bro Don focused on farming in scripture, and had many good points to ponder. Thankfully Sprout was well behaved so I managed to get it all from the cry room.

Something brief I wanted to share that we have decided to implement. He mentioned that when plowing a field that was hilly, a farmer will put up way post or markers so that he stays the course and the furlough is straight. Since he used to farm he knew all about it!

He said that to stay the course in the Truth and also to grow we must have way posts in our lives and here are his recommendations:
Daily: Daily Bible Readings
Weekly: Focused spiritual family time
Monthly: Hospitality to those in the ecclesia
6 mths: Read a Christadelphain book, or even better study a book of the Bible
Yearly: Bible School

We arrived home from meeting feeling rejuvenated to continue the course. To do the readings every single day with the children, even if it is a struggle. Actually the hard part for us is that we do one with the children and then don't get to doing the other 2 with just ourselves. We love opening our home and serving the ecclesia in that way, but often it is the same families that we are having over, so we are going to aim to have others over that we do not know so well. Daniel is in the middle of a study on Micah so he is doing well but I need to get back into some serious study and would welcome ideas for that. I'm thinking of studying the Songs in the Bible (Moses', Miriam's, Hannah's, Deborah's, Mary's, Song of the Lamb....), This year we are blessed to be going to Family camp.....and somewhere else but I will save "spilling the beans" for another post!

So how about you and your family? Do you have Way Markers/Posts? What are they?

"As for G-d, his way is perfect:
the word of the Yhwh is tried,
he is a buckler to all those that trust in him."
Psalm 18:30


Jenna said...

So glad you found the exhortation encouraging and motivating! It's always helpful to hear practical words of encouragement.

Your idea for a study sounds great - the songs you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing about the way posts... I've wondered how farmers could make their rows so straight! (You should see some of ours when we didn't measure/mark...)

I'll keep this in mind for implementing now (spiritually-speaking) and LORD willing, in the future!

Mother By the River said...

Sounds like the exhortation served its purpose! :)
A study on the songs sounds really interesting! Tempted to look into it myself now! In the past I did a small study comparing Hannah and Mary's song which was very thought provoking. Mary knew her Bible!